4 Healthy Home Food Menu

For those who are learning to cook or living a healthy life, the vegetable menu cannot be separated from our daily lives. Vegetables are now more and more types can be processed into various kinds of recipes and are also easily adapted to our needs and abilities in the kitchen.

Following the National Health Day which falls on November 12 every year, Indonesia is still struggling to get through the pandemic. For that, we want to invite friends to start a healthy lifestyle, consume foods with balanced nutrition every day, and also maintain health protocols wherever we are.

Back to talking about a vegetable menu and a healthy lifestyle, how about the following four recipes? A must-try for every day or as a weekend special recipe!

1. Lotek Recipe

As a legendary cuisine from the city of Bandung, lotek sellers are easy to find in various corners of the city, each with a distinctive taste and a sometimes a different mix of vegetables. The vegetable menu in the form of lotek can be served with white rice, ketupat or rice cake.

At first glance, lotek is similar to gado-gado and pecel. The ingredients commonly used are kale, pumpkin, bean sprouts, and boiled long beans. The peanut sauce is savory, sweet, and slightly spicy in its combination. What distinguishes it is the presence of kencur which is mashed with other ingredients. As a result, the fresh aroma of kencur makes it a lot of fans.

For today’s delicious lunch menu, be sure to try this lotek recipe from Bandung!

2. Vegetable tempura recipe, a dish inspired by the Land of Sakura

There are many variations of vegetables that can be used as tempura. For example, such as carrots, eggplant, onions, beans, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, or other vegetables that do not contain a lot of water. In addition to shiitake mushrooms, also vary with oyster mushrooms, king mushrooms, enoki, or button mushrooms. For those who like spicy, green chilies, large red chilies, and even hot chilies can be an exciting choice. To make the tempura recipe even more delicious when served, don’t forget to make the dipping sauce.

3. Recipe for stir-fried long beans with oyster mushrooms

This delicious dish is perfect for those of you who don’t have much time in the kitchen but can’t help but bring a vegetable menu to the dining table. The ingredients are easy to find. There are long beans, oyster mushrooms, and spices such as garlic, onion, chili, and Royco Mushroom Broth.

Use young, dark green long beans whose texture is a bit hard and not perforated. For oyster mushrooms, also choose those that are still hard, not slimy, and the stems are intact. Armed with this recipe, at any time you can also replace the ingredients with chickpeas, mushroom, tempeh, bean sprouts, tofu, and bitter melon.

4. Mushroom yakitori recipe, delicious and vegetarian satay menu

Although the word yakitori means chicken satay in Japanese, that doesn’t mean we can’t modify it into an interesting and healthy vegetable menu. In this recipe, we will process shitake mushrooms, button mushrooms, silken tofu, and vegetables. Although it is made from vegetable protein and can be called a vegetarian menu, it tastes no less delicious than chicken yakitori.

Average easy is not how to make it? Now you don’t need to be bored anymore processing the vegetable menu because there are many choices to try.