4 Ways to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can be followed by clean eating or consuming natural or processed foods to a minimum. Furthermore, clean eating also pays attention to how the food is obtained to the method of producing it. For example, it is obtained locally so that it is fresher with a shorter carbon footprint, produced ethically, or pays attention to environmental sustainability factors.

This time, MAHI has 4 ways to easily start a healthy lifestyle. We just need to adjust a little bit of our daily life in order to achieve it. With a little effort, we can start this new lifestyle with gusto! Check out the following, come on!

1. Reduce consumption of refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates have gone through a processing process so that their nutritional content is greatly reduced. For example, for refined grains such as wheat, this processing process has crushed the outer skin and removed the vitamins, minerals, and fiber content. Other examples are sugar, wheat flour, white bread, carbonated drinks, or pasta, and white rice.

The advantage of these refined carbohydrates is that they are easy for the body to digest, but we tend to overeat them. Whereas this type of carbohydrate has a high glycemic index which will only increase blood sugar levels in the body. Instead, we can eat healthier whole carbohydrates.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

It would be ideal if we could buy organic fruits or vegetables so that our bodies are healthier and not exposed to pesticides or other pollutants. However, consuming more fruits and vegetables is an easy first step to start. Vegetables, in particular, the price is affordable and there are many kinds. Then the vegetable menu is also easy to process and is suitable to be combined with various other home dishes.

Some time ago, the virtual world was also surprised by the appearance of a contemporary fruit soup that is very healthy and easy to make. If there are various types of fruit at home that are still fresh, the menu is worth trying as a healthy snack. As long as the processed fruit is minimal, then the nutrition is more awake.

3. Make water the most important drink

Maybe we’ve often heard this advice, but maybe we’re still asking, why water? First of all, water is the purest drink on earth and does not contain any additives. Clean eating greatly promotes the consumption of water in their daily lives compared to other types of drinks. Then water also keeps our body well hydrated and helps blood circulation and achieves the ideal body weight.

4. A healthy lifestyle starts with shopping carefully

Careful in shopping is always the right motto. In the past, it was to save money, but today the goal is to achieve a healthy lifestyle. So many foodstuffs are sold in the market or in supermarkets, some of which are packaged in various shapes and designs to make them attractive to buyers. But don’t rush, we can look at it first.

One way is to look at the label. Make sure whether the food ingredients contain preservatives, have added sugar, or fat. For example, we want to try a healthy snack of nuts. The best idea is to buy it raw and bake it at home. But there are times when we want to buy only the finished ones, so make sure whether the beans are cooked using oil or not. Or other examples such as ready-to-eat salads at the supermarket. We can make sure in advance what kind of dressing he uses. Thus we can avoid consuming too much sugar for example.