How to Add Followers on Instagram

The most effective way of promotion on social media is to add followers on Instagram.
What are followers? These are users who follow your Instagram account and every time you update, the update automatically appears on your followers’ homepage.
The more followers your IG account has, the more likely it is that the promotion has further reached.

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How to add followers?

There is a way to buy followers and there is an organic way of followers.
Buying is a quick way to increase followers, but usually the quality of followers will not be good.

You can experiment with buying (in small quantities), then see how the purchased followers look at their profile. You will likely be disappointed because of the quality and profile of the followers you bought.

Organic, of course, has better quality, because the addition takes place naturally.
It’s just that, everyone knows, the organic way is not easy and requires a lot of time and resources.

We need the right strategy in adding followers organically, namely:

#1 Regular Quality Content Update

At the end of the day, content is the King.
With good content, your account will automatically be shared by many people.
In addition to creating interesting content, we also have to be consistent in posting. Why have interesting content if you rarely post.

#2 Use Hashtags in Posts

In making a post, we should add hashtags or hashtags, which help you to increase followers. Our posts will be grouped by IG based on the hashtags we use.
And hashtags are ‘keywords’ that visitors use when searching for content on IG.
How to make hashtags, I will discuss separately later.

#3 Don’t Private IG Account

Making your IG account private means that people can’t see posts. People have to wait to be confirmed.
This will certainly slow down the addition of your followers.
If you want to add followers more quickly then you should not make your account private.

#4 Create Interesting Captions

Create an interesting caption, which can make people follow our account. Creating funny, wise, or interactive captions will attract people to follow.
Not even a few followers repost our caption. How to make a caption, I will discuss separately later.

#5 Interaction with Followers

This is mandatory to build interaction and relationships with people who comment on posts that can make people interested in following our IG. If someone comments on a post, then don’t let you not reply.
You must reply to the comment or at least give a like if you can’t reply to the comment.

#6 Cross-Posting

Connect IG Accounts with Other Social Media Accounts – cross-postings.
To reach more people, we can integrate IG accounts with other social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. So that every time there is a new post on IG, it will also appear on our FB or Twitter account.