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Copywriting is one of the word processing techniques that a Copywriter or article writer uses for marketing techniques. In this copywriting article, more emphasis is placed on persuasive sentences or techniques to influence readers. We can do anything including this Copywriting article. Whether it’s writing ad scripts, taglines, captions, and advertorials, how are we going to work on this copywriting article? Let’s see:

Work steps:

  • Study your desires.
  • If you don’t have a keyword, we’ll help with that.
  • We will write articles with a 5 W 1 H structure and SEO techniques as well.
  • We will use our best magic words and sentences.
  • Before we send the article to you, we will check it in the editor.

What is Article Copywriting? Copywriting is one of the word processing techniques that a Copywriter or article writer uses for marketing techniques. In this article, the emphasis is on persuasive sentences or techniques to influence readers.

If asked whether article Copywriting is important in marketing your product? I would say it’s very important. I will not say what percentage of the influence on the development of your business. But what is clear, try to use this type of article if you want to increase sales traffic. Then analyze yourself, what percentage of the effect is on the products you sell.

However, you have to make sure that the articles you create really meet the intended criteria. We will explain in general so that we understand the criteria according to the type of article.

Types of Copywriting Articles

Before making the article you must first know several types of copywriting articles. After that you will know which type of copywriting article is suitable for your sale.

• Soft Selling

Soft selling articles are one of the marketing techniques for products and services that use articles in a subtle way. This article is very appropriate if practiced as branding to consumers. This copywriting article writing service is usually not arbitrary in making words in the article.

So do not be surprised if the article is priced at a price that is not cheap. Usually this article uses a straightforward language structure and requires long words. Because there will be inserted several narrations that will persuade the readers to buy the selling product.

• Hard Selling

In this type of article, it prioritizes the needs or basic needs of the reader. Narrative in the article will be arranged according to market needs. Writing on hard selling articles is usually used to provide direct information to consumers. Its characteristic is that it is not verbose.

This hard selling copywriting article directly brands the product by providing product specifics and other important information related to the product it sells. Articles of this type have their own challenges, because there are mostly direct product reviews. So how clever an article writer mixes it.

What is an example of a copywriting article? There are many advertisements on marketplaces, websites and other social media that you can learn about. In essence, the offer will affect consumers either directly or indirectly.

Uses & Benefits of Copywriting Articles

This article is very suitable to be used as a promotion of selling products and services. So, one of the uses & benefits of this type of article is for advertisers on social media and on online store websites. Those of you who have an online store or service are very appropriate to use this article. Some of the other benefits are being able to increase product sales & invite more consumers.

By using this Copywriting article, it will invite more target audience or consumers. So that it can make your closing or sales increase. Because this article is used to influence consumers to be interested in the products you sell.

Copywriting Tips

I will write down some ways or tips on how to write copywriting articles. I adopted this technique from Frank Egner, there are 4 techniques, let’s see:

1. Create an Attractive Title

A catchy title will give a first impression to the target audience. Thus this article will be visited by many consumers. So they will continue to read your article.

2. Provide Clear and Correct Product Information.

After reading the title, people will read the content of the article. Thus, provide clear and correct product information. Make your article according to the reader it will not be misleading. Information about product definition is very important in this case.

3. Give Reviews of Product Testimonials & Success Stories About Products.

Sometimes people before buying a selling product, they will first see testimonials or other customer success reviews to choose your product.

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