Cheapest Gaming Smartphone in 2021

Cheapest Gaming Smartphone

In this year it’s not hard to find Cheapest Gaming Smartphone. The reason is that there are lots of smartphones that are said to be capable of gaming with good specs. Gaming smartphones are characterized by powerful chipsets with large RAM. Furthermore, other things support such as widescreen and a battery with a jumbo capacity. … Read more

5 Tips Best Selling

5 Tips Best Selling

We certainly agree that doing business online is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes when the sales are sluggish, the enthusiasm to market the product goes somewhere. Especially for newbies, knowing how to make an online shop more attractive and consistent is really challenging. Even though the sales are still sluggish, don’t be discouraged … Read more

7 Myths About Starting a Business

7 Myths About Starting a Business

When you have an idea to start a business, you must tell your friends to listen to their opinions, right? But what if instead of constructive feedback, what you get are myths that lower your self-confidence? Don’t believe it right away! To avoid this, let’s check 7 myths about starting a business that must be … Read more

7 Price List Smartphone Samsung Cheap 2021

Price List Smartphone Samsung Cheap

This article will review Price List Smartphone Samsung Cheap. Because the price of 1 million is still a prima donna. Many people choose a smartphone with this price range because it is more affordable and has relatively good specifications. Of course, the specifications cannot be compared with Samsung smartphones, which are more expensive. There are … Read more

6 Tips for Preparing Child Education Fund

Child Education Fund

Setting up a child education fund is not easy. Although many developed countries have provided free education to their people, Indonesia is still a country with a fairly expensive education fee. The child education fund is often a scourge for parents because it often chokes the neck and makes toilet income. No wonder many families … Read more

Living Room Design Ideas Color White 2021

Living Room Design Ideas

Some of the living room design ideas below will help you in designing a white living room for the interior of your home that is suitable for 2021. Living room design is influenced by many different factors. Size, shape, layout, materials, and color palette are all important in their own unique way and the design … Read more

10 November: Hari Kepahlawananku Menuju Gelar Magister

Andika Wayan Putra

Mengapa harus bangga? Iya!! Bukan karena GELAR Magister, Namun etape Atau Tahapan dalam perjuangannya yang membuat saya sangat bangga dan bersyukur. 10 November 2020 tepatnya, saya terwisuda dengan gelar Magister. Proses yang panjang dan berliku-liku telah kuselesaikan 1 tahun yang lalu. Tepat hari ini saya sengaja rayakan ulang tahunnya dengan sedikit menuliskan etape -etapenya agar … Read more

Best Desk Colors For Office 2021

Best Desk Colors For Office

Best Desk For Office – Designing a workspace to be more beautiful is our job as users of the room. With a different workspace, it will certainly make us more enthusiastic about going through the day at the office. So when doing all the office tasks will feel more fun and finish quickly. Therefore, you … Read more