3 Ways to Check New and Used HP Vivo Damage

The easiest way to check for damage to a Vivo cellphone is to look at its physical condition, but we will only know the outer condition. If you want to check thoroughly, it would be better if you use the secret code from the Vivo cellphone.

The Vivo smartphone itself provides several special codes, one of which is a special code to check for damage to Vivo cellphones. Later we will know the condition of the screen, sensors, battery, camera, and many others.

In essence, the damage to a Smartphone will not be detected if we only check its physical condition. Because detecting damage requires thoroughness and foresight in checking the damage to your Vivo cellphone thoroughly.

Moreover, if you buy an old type of used Vivo cellphone that may be years old, of course, you have to be more careful in checking it. Because the way to detect the damage will be more complicated than the new Vivo cellphone which is in the best condition.

But it’s not uncommon for new Vivo cellphones to also experience damage, usually, this happens because of problems during production. But don’t worry, because Vivo itself provides a guarantee for all smartphones on the market.

So, if there is damage to the new Vivo cellphone, then you can claim the warranty at the nearest Vivo Service Center in your city. Later on, you can only make a warranty claim as long as the warranty period on the Vivo Smartphone is still active.

If the warranty period has passed from the specified time, then you have to pay a service fee to repair the damage. To find out how to check for damage to the Vivo cellphone itself, you can see the full review as follows.

1. Checking physical condition

First of all, you have to check your physical condition before you do a thorough check on the Vivo cellphone. Because the damage that occurs on the Vivo cellphone can be caused by its poor physical condition.

The problem that often occurs on Vivo Smartphones is a cracked or broken screen that has the potential to damage the screen. If you find this, then you have to feel whether the screen is still responsive or not.

In addition, also make sure that there are no dead pixels or black spots that usually occur on cellphones with damaged screens. Don’t forget to check the entire Vivo cellphone body from the front, left / right side to the back.

Make sure that everything is still in good condition and that there are no significant problems with the Vivo Smartphone. If there are only light scratches, then this is actually not a problem as long as the Smartphone is in normal condition.

2. Check using a secret code

The next way is, using a secret code that has been provided by the Vivo Smartphone to check for damage to the cellphone. You only need to type the code *#558# in the phone call menu, then dial-up or call.

After that, the Engineering Test menu will automatically appear which can later be used to check for damage to the Vivo cellphone. The components that can be checked with the Engineering Test are hardware components such as sensors, cameras, vibrations to the screen.

By using a secret code from Vivo, you can find out the damage or condition of the Smartphone as a whole. The secret code must also be used when you buy a new Vivo cellphone to ensure the Smartphone is in the best condition.

Please check each available menu one by one such as Touchscreen Test, Hi-Fi Test, Music Test, Camera Test, and others. If everything has been checked and everything is working normally, then your Vivo cellphone is in good condition.

How to check for damage to a Vivo cellphone using the secret code is indeed very simple to do. However, the results have proven to be very effective in finding out the damage that occurs on new or used Vivo Smartphones.

3. Checking for damage to the battery

One of the problems that also often appears on Vivo Smartphones is the damage that occurs to the battery. To check it is very easy to do, you just need to use a smartphone normally.

Then see if there is a significant drop in battery power within a few minutes or not. For example, if the battery is reduced by 15% within 5 minutes without being used, you can be sure that the battery is damaged.

Damage that occurs to the cellphone battery can only be overcome by buying or replacing it with a new battery. Please come to the nearest Vivo Service Center in your city to buy an original battery.

Because you should buy an original cellphone battery, and we don’t recommend that you buy a non-original battery. Because non-original batteries are usually more easily damaged and drop quickly within a few months.

So we suggest it is better to buy an original Vivo cellphone, even though the price is definitely more expensive than the non-original one. But surely the quality is much better and usually will also last longer to use.


That’s some information about tutorials and how to check for damage to Vivo cellphones that we can convey to all of you. Hopefully, the information above can be useful and can be useful for you loyal Vivo Hp users.