Stimulus! So that Children’s Cognitive Develops Well

As a parent, who doesn’t want their child to grow and develop well? Especially in cognitive development or brain development. Good parents will always give good lessons to their children. One of them is by paying attention to the mental or cognitive development of children. This child’s cognitive development actually depends on what lessons are instilled in the child. If the lessons received by this child are good, the result will be good children. And vice versa. So, what lessons should parents teach their children? especially at an early age.

Educating According to the Potential of Children’s Skills and Intelligence

I always try to educate children according to their potential and skills. That is, the child has innate intelligence or skills. Without realizing it, they have their own creativity or self-development. However, the ability to understand, children need guidance from parents and their environment.

Therefore, what is the potential for intelligence we start to stimulate? The point is that children have their own way of developing their potential. The role of parents here is only to guide according to their abilities. As a parent, you must understand the direction of your child’s thoughts and speech. So that parents can direct when children have difficulty in understanding what he means.

Supporting Children’s Attitudes, Ideas, and Thoughts

As parents, we do this because the child’s attitudes, ideas, and thoughts emerge from what he observes. Both in hearing as well as behavior. Sometimes we are not aware that what we say and do is imitated by him. It will spontaneously usually appear in the attitudes and thoughts of children. Good parents will always listen and pay attention to their children, both in terms of attitudes and thoughts.

Listen and see what he wants. Then be wise by supporting his attitude and thinking. Even if the attitudes and thoughts are not good or inappropriate for children to do. Understand the child or the child’s stimulus in a good way. Do not break the child’s idea. Even though that’s not true in our opinion.

We should still support the child so that he is able to develop without any limitations. Even if we have to prohibit something that a child should not do, we should stimulate the child so that he understands that what he is doing is not right. In the end, the child will come to an understanding, oh, what he did, said, or imitated was not true. So that the child will automatically realize and understand why his parents forbid him to do that.

Casual Chat With Kids

I always provide a conversational stimulus to my child. there are several videos that I have documented, one of which is on the youtube link when my son joined me at work somewhere. On the way home, we had simple conversations, but according to him, it was a very special thing.

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