Want Sophisticated HP at Affordable Prices? Let’s Choose Vivo V21

The latest series with high specifications from the Vivo Brand, namely the V series. The latest and most sophisticated V Series from the previous generation, Vivo V21. This most advanced Vivo cellphone consists of 2 options, namely V21 4G and V21 5G, this V series is a middle-class sophisticated smartphone. There are two color choices for Vivo V21, namely Diamond Flare and Roman Black.

General Specification

HP Vivo V21 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G with 8GB RAM capacity. For the storage capacity of the Vivo V21, there are also 2 options, namely 128GB and 256GB. Both of these internal storage capacities can be expanded up to 1 TB with a microSD slot. The interesting thing about this Vivo V21 is that the RAM can be upgraded up to 4GB, so the total RAM of this most advanced Vivo can be up to 12GB. Vivo V21 is also equipped with Funtouch OS 11.1 and Android 11 with the JOVI Home feature.

Unique Design

The Vivo V21 screen already uses AMOLED technology, its size is 6.44 inches. For the nature of the screen type, each pixel can glow independently. This means that this cellphone no longer requires lighting behind the LED. This allows the cellphone body to only measure 7.38mm, since it was first launched, the Vivo V21 has indeed been named the thinnest cellphone in Indonesia.

Two color choices, namely Diamond Flare and Roman Black, make this most sophisticated Vivo cellphone even more unique and charming. In the Diamond Flare color, the back of the cellphone looks shiny like a diamond when it gets a light reflection.


Another advantage of the Vivo V21 lies in the camera provided. This smartphone has a rear camera configuration. The main camera has a 64MP sensor. The second camera has a camera with 8MP resolution, this second camera has an ultra large lens. And the last camera has a 2MP resolution that functions as a macro camera, the point of which is to shoot subjects from close range.

The main camera produces natural images without the annoying under-exposure effect when used to photograph distant objects. The overall exposure gives a balanced look. Even the texture of the building that was photographed at a considerable distance can still be displayed. On an ultra-wide lens camera, it produces an image that shows no symptoms of distortion at the edges of the frame. Although not equipped with a depth sensor camera, this most advanced Vivo cellphone can produce photos with a bokeh effect behind the subject.

The Vivo V21 camera is also equipped with a night mode, the resulting photos will automatically be bright when used for shooting at night. The front camera is equipped with a 44 MP resolution with various features, thus improving the selfie quality. The Eye Autofocus feature makes this smartphone able to detect AF in one eye of the photo subject. So that the focus will remain accurate, even when using a large aperture.


Vivo V21 is equipped with a fairly large battery, which is 4000mAH with 33W Flash Charge. Within 30 minutes it is able to charge 65% battery power. The NFC Multifunctions technology used in this smartphone allows for duplicating access cards, easy to exchange files, and recharge transportation cards.