Episode 1 – Contemplation Is Not Just Thinking

Andikawayanreview.com – The journey of a person’s life in a search for this world and the hereafter. The belief in living in perfection makes him an uncertain person (sometimes).

Sometimes he feels that no one is happy in this world except him, and sometimes vice versa, no one is miserable but himself.

Feelings and thoughts that are erratic or unstable are what make him seem to be a person who does not have clear principles or guidelines for life.

The lack of clarity made him realize that in the episode of life there must be such a thing as contemplation. It is human nature that is given reason to think. However, Contemplation is more of a serious order to be carried out in an episode of human life.

Allah commands us to always meditate. This means not only as a creature whose nature is to think, but how that thinking power can make a real human being. Another meaning is a free human, perfectly human, and perfect human.


It is not possible for Allah to command his servants to mislead. This means that it is impossible for Allah to mislead his people over any commandment, regardless of those commands which can be directly understood or which are still vague. As in the Qur’an there are verses Muhkam and mutasyabihat (wallohu ‘alam).

In the episode of the life of someone who intends to recite the Koran, in Javanese what is the goal of the world and the hereafter. Contemplation is one of the stages of the episode of life that must be done. It is almost impossible for the goal to be achieved if this stage or stage is ignored or even eliminated.

The real reason why humans should meditate is to always remember, clean the heart to get the pleasure of His Lord.

Imam al-Ghazali characterizes this meditation on the basis of seeking enlightenment of the heart to be able to communicate with His Lord. That means contemplation is only one way to keep the heart clean. However, if this method is not carried out with an awareness of intention, it is also impossible to get the light of the heart.

Contemplation must really be in a state of intention. Regardless of how he contemplates, there are those who remain alone, and even, on the contrary, he always seeks solitude in the crowd.

Given that each person’s way of contemplating is different, it is not good for us to precede each other and be proud of ourselves that:

“I always cry contemplating all my sins, repent in the silence of the night, be careful in my steps, especially in world affairs, I don’t want my life to be full of forbidden let alone forbidden.”

It’s actually good if we’ve actually done that. However, self-conceit will suddenly appear very subtly when we feel that others have not done that.

In principle, contemplation will bring someone to the healing of heart disease that has always perched on anyone. Including the pious and pious though.