Decreased Website Traffic, How To Overcome It?

Writing articles that must produce something that can make a good final result on the website. One of the articles is written as a tool to develop and strengthen our website. But in fact, Website Traffic is still decreasing and visitors are empty. Have you experienced this? If so, then let’s see what causes it:

Causes of Decreased Website Rank and Traffic

Websites that have good content and optimization can still experience a decline. Why does this happen? If only the website owner did not immediately check and improve the website, it could experience a very significant decline Some things to know why Website Traffic is decreasing:

1.      Troubled Content

One of the causes of decreased traffic on your website is the cause of the content. One of the most important content is articles. Start checking articles that have incorrect keywords, duplicate content, and lack of content updates and there is still messy writing. This is one of the factors why the website will experience a decline in ranking.

Then a niche that does not match the relevance of the website will also experience a decline. Because logically, visitors will prefer websites that have a relevant niche. Therefore, it is very important that you create relevant content and also don’t forget to always pay attention to the meta title and meta description on the post.

2.      Check Website For Broken Links and Redirects

There is a possibility that one of the factors that decrease Website Traffic is due to broken links and redirects. Try to check now from some of the links in the content of your article which one should be improved. Be careful not to have broken links or redirects.

3.      Changes Google Algorithm System.

Google’s algorithm can change at any time, in 2020 yesterday, in December Google has updated or updated its algorithm. So that a lot of websites that are less adaptable to the latest Google policies have experienced a significant decline in ranking. Therefore, fix your content according to the latest Google algorithm updates.

4.      Website Navigation Optimization

Navigation that is less simple will cause visitors to have difficulty accessing it. Well, this can be a boomerang for your Website Traffic. This is one of the reasons your website has decreased rankings on Google.

5.      Competitor Factor

Another factor is one of the competitors. Competitors who optimize their websites well, this is one of the obstacles for you to be able to increase website traffic. Because, with good optimization, you will compete with them, whether your website is worth competing against.


Website traffic declines is a natural thing, but if it is not immediately addressed, it can experience a drastic decrease. This should be prevented by website owners. A website that is optimized one by one well. Then the results will also be maximized. If you want to properly optimize your website. Fix at least the 4 points above which are one factor in decreasing your website traffic.