The Importance of Elementary School Principals As Educators

Elementary School Principals as Educators – When the principal carries out his role as an educator or educator, the leader must have the right strategy to improve the professionalism of the education staff in his school.

In this case, the function of a leader as an educator is to create a conducive school climate, provide advice to leaders, provide encouragement to all educational staff, and implement interesting learning models, such as teaching teams, moving classes, and holding acceleration programs for students. intelligent students above normal.

The way to be able to know and understand the meaning of educator is not enough to stick to the connotations contained in the definition of an educator but must be studied in relation to the meaning of education, educational facilities, and how the educational strategy is implemented.

Important Values ​​in Education Strategy

In order to carry out this mandate, a leader must try to instill, promote and improve at least four kinds of values, namely mental, moral, physical, and artistic development.

1.     Mental Development

In the world of education, this is a process of fostering education personnel on matters relating to their attitude, mind, and character. Regarding this problem, a leader must be able to create a conducive climate so that every educational staff can carry out their duties properly, proportionally, and professionally. Therefore, leaders must try to complete the facilities, infrastructure, and learning resources in order to provide convenience to educators in carrying out their main task of teaching.

2.     Moral Development

Then the leader provides guidance to the educators regarding something related to the teachings of good and bad an act, attitude, rights, and obligations in accordance with the duties of each educational staff. Professional leaders should try to provide advice to the entire school community, for example, at every flag ceremony or regular meeting.

3.     Physical Development

The point is to teach teachers and staff about something related to their physical condition or body, health, and appearance outwardly.

4.     Artistic Coaching

A leader is required to teach educational staff about something related to human sensitivity to art and beauty. Generally, this is done through field trip activities which are held every semester or academic year. then, leaders will be assisted and supported by their employees to be able to plan various artistic development programs, such as field trips, so that in their implementation they do not interfere with learning activities. Then, artistic coaching must be related to or an enrichment of the learning that has been carried out.

5.     As Educator

A school principal must always try to develop the quality of learning carried out by educators. Regarding this problem, the experience factor will greatly support the formation of an understanding of educational staff towards the implementation of their duties. Competence and expertise when teaching, as well as being a deputy leader or even a member of a community organization greatly affects the leader’s ability to carry out his work as well as the training and upgrading that he has attended.