Funtouch OS 12 Beta Based on Android 12 will be Released by VIVO

Vivo Smartphone Users are ready to enjoy the latest operating system from Funtouch OS with a fresh look based on Android 12. Which will be rolled out starting at the end of November.

Vivo announced that smartphones will get the Funtouch OS 12 update, later this update will bring a number of improvements to the line of Vivo phones that get them.

The new feature is that Vivo UI is based on the new Android 12 operating system. Then it will provide a number of the latest features and a fresh look. The Funtouch OS 12 update brings a new UI design, Colorful Always-on Display, new icons, enhanced dark mode, new live wallpaper, and several customization options for Vivo phones.

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Another feature of Funtouch OS 12 is the new widget system. The new widget design seems to have been carried over from OriginOS.

The new widget is called more functional and Vivo claims this widget feature will help users be more productive. There is also a Nano Music Player feature that has a function such as a mini-player that can control playback from Spotify, Joox, or files from the user’s local storage.

Some of the updates from Funtouch OS, which became clearer after the release of the new smartphone released this month, namely the Vivo x70 pro, because it was reported that the smartphone would get the first update of Funtouch OS 12.

After that, Vivo confirmed that it would gradually upgrade several smartphone series, such as the X, Y, Z series. and it will start rolling out beta starting next month, with the X70 Pro+ being the first to receive it.

In the names that have been released by Vivo, later the Funtouch OS 12 operating system update will continue to roll until the end of April 2022. The following series of vivo smartphones will get an operating system update.

  • Starting late November 2021: vivo X70 Pro+
  • Starting late December 2021: vivo X60 Pro+, vivo X60 Pro, vivo X60, vivo V21, vivo Y72 5G
  • Starting late January 2022: vivo X70 Pro, vivo V21e, vivo V20 2021, vivo V20, vivo Y21, vivo Y51A, vivo Y31
  • Starting late March 2022: vivo X50 Pro, vivo X50, vivo V20 Pro, vivo V20 SE, vivo Y33s, vivo Y20G, vivo Y53s, vivo Y12s
  • Starting early April 2022: vivo S1, vivo Y19
  • Starting late April 2022: vivo V17 Pro, vivo V17, vivo S1 Pro, vivo Y73, vivo Y51, vivo Y20, vivo Y20i, vivo Y30

Advantages of Android 12 Beta

Android 12 Beta, the latest operating system (OS) for smartphones or smart phones from Google has been officially released. The latest OS was introduced in the title Google I/O. There are several features introduced in this Android 12. What steals the most attention is the design and the performance it offers.

Because this is still a beta stage, aka testing, not all phones will be able to taste this latest Android. There are only a few mobile phone options that can try it.

Compiled by from the, Android Developers, and CNET pages, the following is an explanation of the Android 12 Beta, starting from the latest features and designs, getting the cellphones, to how to download them:

1.    Personalized Design

Android 12 promises to have a design that can be personalized. This means that users can change the color and redesign some aspects of it.

When the user selects a new wallpaper, the system will automatically determine what color will be dominantly used in this Android 12 design, starting from the color in the notification window, screen lock, to voice control.

2.    More Fluid Animations and Movements

Animations and motions in Android 12, Google says, will be smoother and fluid when compared to previous versions of Android. Thanks to Android 12, the phone will respond to the user’s touch with smooth motions and animations.

3.    More Intuitive Notification Room

The notification space that appears from the top of the screen is now claimed to be more intuitive. When the notification is opened, you will see notifications from the application, a description of what the user is listening to or watching, to a quick settings menu that allows users to directly control the settings in this operating system.

In the quick settings menu, there are now also Google Pay and Home Controls options. Google Pay deals with payments. Meanwhile, Home Controls is the control center for managing other devices in the house that are connected to the user’s cellphone.

4.    Faster Performance

Google promises performance on Android 12 will be faster. Because of its fast performance, switching or transitioning between applications until the application is opened will feel more responsive than previous Android.

Starting from Android 12, Google also introduced a standard called performance class. Where Google is working with its ecosystem partners to introduce new standards for high-performance Android devices.

This performance class will initially focus on media usage, camera start-up latency, codec availability and encoding quality, minimum memory size, screen resolution, and read/write performance.