Good Study Tips

Effective learning tips not everyone masters it. Of course this requires extraordinary enthusiasm. You certainly think how to learn well that is effective and quickly masters the material. In order for the human brain to work properly and effectively, of course there are ways of life or powerful learning tips.

On this occasion I will try to discuss about tips for studying well, how? Let’s see the review:

Distance Repetition or Periodic Repetition

One good study tips is to do repetition. You have to repeat learning activities regularly. If necessary, schedule and repeat what you did. This will improve memory in your brain.

Find Your Own Learning Style

In learning, create your own comfortable learning style. You can say, as long as it’s comfortable for you. If not then leave.

Enough sleep

You have to get enough sleep. Energy so that your study is not drained. It is good for the growth and renewal of your brain energy.


In studying, you have to focus. Because one of the main keys to learning is to focus on the subject. Because, only by focusing on all forms of lessons you will be able to absorb or get well.

Apply the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro learning technique is one of the techniques or tips for learning time management created by Francesco Cirilo. This technique he created while sitting on the lecture bench. While studying in the 1980s, Francesco was one of those people who found it difficult to focus on studying.

Exercise, Meditation and Socializing

Exercise, meditation, and socializing are among the tips in learning. With these three ways. Then the mind becomes focused on the lesson at hand.

Some of these study tips you can apply at any time of study. Thus, you will become one of the people who can learn well.