4 High Paid Article Writers

Although in the article writer vacancies we only need to recruit SEO, Copywriting, and Rewrite writers. But we do not close ourselves to accept all other writing professions. Because in our opinion, the writing experience is very broad. Not limited to just a description of the three above.

I have confidence that all the authors of the articles that I have mentioned above also include extraordinary skills. At least writing articles is not limited by the ability to write what type of writing. The most important thing is willing to learn to be a writer is something we should give appreciation to.

Paid Content Writer Types

There are tons of content writers out there. These writers write depending on the purpose. Some are for business purposes, some are just writing. In this article, we will provide review specifications regarding several types of article writers that we should know. So that you know where to write:

1.      Technical Writer

Technical Writer is a profession to write articles focused on discussions in the field of technology. For example, such as computer software, medical, robotics, finance, biotechnology, and so on. If you are good at writing in this field, then you can share information on the website through your writings.

If you want to become an article writer or technical writer, then look for bloggers, online shops, or SEO experts and also article writing services that need your writing services. Besides you can hone your writing skills, you will get income from it.

2.      Content Writer SEO

Who are they? Seo article writers are people who write articles according to SEO rules. This type of writer is usually recruited or sought after by SEO masters/experts, bloggers, and online shops.

Because this writer plays a very important role. Those who are experts in writing SEO articles can become subscriptions to SEO experts. Because SEO writing will play a very important role in improving or positioning the website to be the best in the eyes of Google.

For those of you who have the skills to write SEO articles, then be happy because of the opportunity to get more writing jobs from big companies.

3.     Ghostwriter

This writer is more familiar or known as a writer on the website or a guest writer. Usually, they can write for other people, from companies to popular blogging websites. Usually, this is done by anyone writing on a website or company of a person with the author’s name.

If you want to write anything, then that’s where you have the opportunity to write. For example on large sites, there is this guest writing facility. Like the site https://www.hipwee.com/ and many others. Everyone has the opportunity to be able to write on sites or companies that have this ghostwriter facility.

4.      Press Release

A press release or what we call a press release. It means information in the form of news made by Public Relations (PR) of a particular organization/company. This writer is commonly referred to as a media journalist.

Well, if you want to become a press release writer this is. There are many media that recruit press release writers who are ready to accept you.

This is the paid article writing profession that is widely referred to by several circles. Anyone has the opportunity to make himself a freelance writer. Therefore, if you have the ability to write, don’t waste the opportunity to become a professional writer.