How to Overcome an Oily Face and Recognize Some of the Causes

Is your face oily? Of course this is not desired by many people. Therefore, let’s look at some tips for treating oily faces and identify some of the causes that you should know.

Why should you avoid oily facial skin? Of course, an oily face will interfere with appearance. Especially if the face is oily it will trigger acne. Your face will easily get acne if it’s oily and you don’t notice it. Of course, blackheads will stick to oily skin pores.

Causes of Oily Facial Skin

As for some of these problems can be overcome only by providing the right oily face care. How to? There are actually so many, it’s just that we will focus on some recommended tips for caring for oily faces. But before that, let’s first identify why your face is oily. Let’s see what causes facial skin to become oily.

1.   Frequently Use Makeup

Makeup is one of the choices for women in particular. This makeup can actually be used at any time, for example when you are invited and want to leave the house. However, frequent use of makeup is not good for the growth of facial pores.

Especially if then your makeup is not suitable for your skin type. This makes facial skin more oily. So avoid using makeup often. Even if you have to use makeup, choose one that suits your skin type and avoid using it too often.

2.   Washing your face too often

One of the goals of cleansing the face is to remove dirt and oil from the face, right? However, if you do it too often, this will actually make your facial skin even more oily. At least wash your face ideally 3 times a day, morning afternoon and evening or night.

3.   Lack of need for body fluids

An oily face can be caused, one of which is from a lack of fluids in the body. This condition can cause dry skin and can eventually lead to an oily face.

4.   Using the Wrong Skincare

One of the causes of an oily face is the wrong use of skincare. Choose the right products that are recommended if you have to use skincare. So you can take good care of your facial skin.

Some of the problems above can be a reference for all of you in identifying why your face is oily. So you will know how or tips to treat oily face properly and correctly.

How to Overcome Oily Face

There are many ways or tips in reducing or overcoming the problem of oily face. Here are good habits that you should do in treating oily face.

1.   Using Moisturizer

Although there is still controversy regarding the use of moisturizers on oily skin. But still using a moisturizer is important for you. However, in choosing a moisturizer, you must adjust to your skin type.

Don’t use fake moisturizers. You have to make sure first that the moisturizer you are going to use is really formulated or recommended specifically for oily skin.

2.    Just wash your face sufficiently

Oily skin is really tough, washing your face too often isn’t good either. Wash your oily face just enough, not too often which will make it even worse. Because washing your face often will cause the skin to produce more oil.

3.     Clean your face regularly after the activity is over

If you often do outdoor activities, it will trigger a lot of oil on your facial skin. So from that, one way to deal with caring for your oily face is to regularly clean after the activity.

Because the pollution outside will result in a lot of dust that causes this situation to worsen the condition of your oily facial skin. Therefore, one solution is to clean it regularly using a moisturizer.

But still, use a moisturizer suitable for your oily skin. Do not use a moisturizer that will actually aggravate your facial skin.

4.   Pay attention to the intake of foods that are good for your body

Why in preventing oily face you need to pay attention to the intake of food you eat every day? If you eat oily foods, it will trigger oily facial skin as well. Avoiding these foods will greatly affect the appearance of facial skin.

5.   Use the Right Screencare

One of the tips for caring for an oily face is to use the right skincare. Why is that? Because if you use the wrong screen, it will make oily facial skin worse.

Setelah Anda memilih skrincare yang tepat untuk kulit Anda. Ada beberapa langkah yang harus Anda perhatikan. Jangan asal-asalan saja di dalam menggunakan skrincare ini. gunakan dengan benar agar hasil bisa maksimal. Berikut beberapa tahapannya:

Clean Face

Before using this screen, one of the first steps is to clean your face first. So that the sticky dust disappears, especially if you have outdoor activities, cleaning your face from dust that sticks to your face is something you must do.

To clean this face, you should wash your face naturally, don’t use soap. Later will cause dry skin and can become oily.

Use Moisturizer

The opinion that says that oily skin does not need moisturizer is not true. Moisturizer is a key that cannot be missed in oily skin care. Moisturized skin will automatically reduce its oil production. Use a special moisturizer for oily skin in the morning and evening.

The correct stage of oily face care can be done by using a series of skincare that is suitable for oily skin. Look for products that are in accordance with the recommendations or recommendations for oily skin, one of which is a lot of lotus flower extract which is processed safely and without chemicals, the most important thing is that it has been verified by BOM and Hala at MUI.

Those are some things about the causes of oily skin and how to overcome them. Hopefully this article can help you in overcoming a number of your facial skin that is often oily. You can update this article about Beauty Tips at any time in andikawayanreview.