How to Sell on Instagram

Now comes the thing that many people may ask, how to use Instagram to advertise or sell via Instagram?

Based on your own experience, then learning from various sources and observing success stories selling on Instagram, some tips for small businesses to promote and sell on this social media platform, namely:

#1 Create a Business Account

Do not combine a personal account with a business account. Apart from having different purposes, business accounts on IG have better analytical capabilities than personal accounts.

In addition, a biz account builds the credibility of your product or business stronger.

Creating a business Instagram account is not difficult. Visit the settings menu on IG and select “Switch to Business Account”.

When going to create an Instagram business account, make sure you have created a Facebook account and Facebook fan page first. That’s because both will be needed when trying to create a business account on Instagram.

#2 Clear Target Audience

Who is the target market for your product? Who are you going to target on IG?

One of the most popular marketing theories is STP – Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning. It’s all about the target market.

With a clear target, you can build content on IG that is relevant and in line with the audience.

Focus is the keyword in targeting your target market.

A large number of followers is not a guarantee of sales conversion if the target audience is wrong. What exists, you waste time, waste energy, with no results.

#3 Master Instagram Advertising Techniques

There are various ways and techniques of advertising on Instagram that you need to learn and master. Don’t just post content and then sell it.

Changes in social media marketing are very fast, science and knowledge in this industry is changing rapidly. It takes mentally to always learn new things.

Now many people use IG to sell, the competition is getting tougher, so it takes extra effort to build promotions via this platform.

In the previous section, I mentioned how to write an interesting caption, how to choose the right hashtag – there’s a way, there’s a technique. Then, IG also continues to innovate to create new features, for example, IG Stories that can be used to promote effectively.

Everything needs to be learned and prepared – whose new knowledge is obsolete in no time!

The good news is, in today’s digital era, learning materials, online learning, are widely available and often free, what is needed is a willingness to learn and practice.

#4 Build Followers

You need to build a follower base. Do it organically, don’t buy.

Why are followers so important?

Because they are the most potential target audience to convert, to buy your product.

However, if they organically follow your IG account, it means they have an interest in your account and most likely your products.

There are many strategies for building followers, such as regularly updating content, building interactions, creating content, and others.

One of them, which I have seen as effective, is a collaboration with accounts with many followers who have the same interests as your account.

The point is, building followers, can’t be instant, it needs a way, effort, and collaboration.

#5 Learn from Instagram

Changes in today’s digital era are very fast. One or two years ago, people didn’t use social media much for marketing campaigns and sales, but now everyone is competing to enter the platform and do promotions.

You need to quickly keep up with these changes. Every time there are new methods, ways and innovations in advertising.

But don’t worry.

You can learn a lot from people’s posts on Instagram who share strategies, ways, and techniques about how to make money from the internet via Instagram.

Many of the things I write here are sourced from posts by many parties on IG. I learned a lot from IG.

Top marketing writer, Ronald Kasali, writes in his book that now is the era of sharing, the sharing economy. Everyone shares their knowledge and expertise, it’s free and easy to access.

You must be diligent in researching and following trends on IG regarding the development of Instagram Marketing if you don’t want to miss the trend.

Learn from Kaloka Pottery

Kaloka Pottery Instagram

If you are interested in learning about Instagram Marketing, you can check out Kaloka Pottery’s success.

Some time ago, the official IG Instagram account featured news of a number of successful accounts using the social media platform in building their businesses.

Of course, these accounts are options, the selected ones!, which are unique in their own right – after all they appear on Instagram’s official IG account.

One of them, which caught my attention, was the story about Kaloka Pottery from Yogyakarta Indonesia – the success of the Kaloka brand in promoting ceramic products via IG and going global!

Kaloka orders come from various parts of the world, know no boundaries, you can see them on IG