How to Solve HP Can’t Connect to WiFi

Want to know the reason why your cellphone can’t connect to WiFi? Read on for the following review to find out the answer. WiFi is one of the important needs in modern times like today.

The presence of WiFi is very useful for everyone, especially for those whose work uses internet access. Moreover, nowadays many hangout places such as cafes use this tool to pamper their customers.

However, sometimes there are obstacles that occur when we use WiFi. One of these obstacles is that the cellphone used cannot connect to the WiFi network.

If this happens, it will certainly confuse HP users who want to connect to WiFi.

Why can’t HP Connect to WiFi?

Maybe many of you have experienced HP cannot connect to WiFi. If you experience this problem, it will definitely make you confused and annoyed because you can’t access the internet using a WiFi network.

Usually, the problem of HP not being able to connect to WiFi can occur on the cellphone itself or on the WiFi router that is used. For those of you who want to know the reason why your cellphone can’t connect to WiFi and how to fix it, please see the following explanation.

1. Too Many WiFi Connections Stored in HP

The first reason why the cellphone can’t connect to WiFi is usually because the cellphone you use has too many WiFi connections. If you often use WiFi in public places, the WiFi connection will automatically be saved on your cellphone.

The number of saved WiFi connections can cause the new network that you are going to use cannot enter. That way, the cellphone automatically cannot connect to WiFi and you can’t access the internet using the WiFi network.

If the cellphone you are using has too many WiFi networks, then the solution is that you can delete unused WiFi networks one by one. After that, just refresh the WiFi network so that the cellphone can detect the new WiFi network.

After your cellphone has successfully detected a new WiFi network, then you can try using that WiFi to access the internet.

2. Unstable WiFi Router Network

A cellphone that cannot connect to WiFi can also be caused because the network on the WiFi Router used is unstable. If the problem occurs on the WiFi router, then the solution is to reset the WiFi router that is used.

You can reset the router yourself if the router is private, then try to reconnect your cellphone to the WiFi network. However, if you use public WiFi like in a cafe, then you can try asking the WiFi owner to solve the problem you are experiencing.

3. WiFi waves are not the same

WiFi waves that are not the same can also cause the cellphone to not be able to connect to WiFi. Usually, WiFi found in public places such as in cafes, offices, restaurants and other public places will be set at the 2.4 GHz frequency.

You need to know that you have to set the WiFi band on your cellphone at a frequency of 2.4 GHz or more practically it can be set on automatic settings. If you have set it, then the WiFi network around you can be detected by the cellphone you are using.

4. Accidentally Activate Airplane Mode

As we know that airplane mode is often encountered on every cellphone that we use. If we activate airplane mode, the network will be disconnected and the cellphone cannot be used to communicate.

Likewise with the WiFi connection, if airplane mode is activated, the cellphone will not connect to the WiFi network even though it is a very close distance. However, sometimes we forget to turn off airplane mode so we can’t access the internet using a WiFi network.

To solve this problem, before connecting to WiFi, you should first check airplane mode. If it’s still active, then disable airplane mode first so you can connect to a WiFi network.

After it is disabled, please wait a while until the HP returns to normal. Well, then just turn on WiFi and then connect to an available WiFi network and do internet activities as you wish.

5. Don’t Know the Password of the WiFi Network Used

Not all WiFi providers in public places provide free WiFi networks. Often, WiFi owners provide a password as a security so that not everyone can enjoy the WiFi network except those who already know the password.

Therefore, you have to ask the WiFi owner for a password to be able to connect to your cellphone. Make sure when entering the password is correct and don’t forget to save it so that when you use it again, your cellphone can directly connect to WiFi automatically.


Those are some of the reasons why your cellphone can’t connect to WiFi that you need to know.