5 Tips for Choosing and Installing Wall Wallpaper

It has almost the same function as wall paint. Namely coating the surface of the wall and making the wall more attractive. The selection of wallpaper motifs greatly affects the beauty of the room. In an instant, the wallpaper pattern can change the interior appearance of your home. It even changes the appearance of a dark room to a bright one.

Choosing a motif is also not only according to taste, but also must pay attention to the function of the room. Because the wallpaper motif for a formal room is different from the family room. Here are some tips for choosing the right wallpaper:

1.    Compatibility of Furniture and Wallpaper at home

Between wallpaper and furniture in a room is very important. So what you need to make sure of when installing wallpaper at home is the color of the wallpaper that will be selected. Choosing colors that match and do not collide will produce a very beautiful harmony of the room.

If most of the furniture in your home has busy motifs and seems full, you should choose the wallpaper for a room with fewer or no motifs or plain. In addition, the colors used are also a good idea to use soft and neutral colors.

On the other hand, if your home VOIRE has furniture that has minimal motifs, you can use wall wallpapers with bright motifs and colors so that the furniture and wallpaper will balance each other’s atmosphere in the house.

2.    Low Roof Room Effects and Lighting

You can use house wall wallpaper with abstract motifs, vertical lines or tree motifs that extend upwards. With the wallpaper of the walls of the house like that the room will look taller. Then choose the color of the wallpaper on the walls of the house that is older than the color of your ceiling.

In the house you live in, there must be areas that are exposed to direct sunlight and some are just the opposite, namely rooms that are not exposed to the sun’s rays to the maximum. Therefore, to create a room that looks spacious and bright, you can outsmart it by choosing wallpapers that have bright colors.

If the room in your house uses warm lights, orange, yellow or gold wallpaper, it will be more suitable because the cool wallpaper has a more prominent color.

3.    Room with High and Narrow Ceiling

If you have a house with a narrow room with a high ceiling, with these tips you can use wallpaper with horizontal motifs such as stripes and flowers.

If you use a full motif it will look narrow. Then for color selection, choose a color that is light and bright compared to the color of the ceiling to prevent the impression of being narrow.

4.    Customize Wallpaper to Your Personality

Choosing a wallpaper can not be separated from the psychological factor you know. This means you need to determine the motif and color for the wallpaper in your home appropriately. So, choose the wallpaper that best suits you and your whole family. Especially for the wallpaper that is applied in the family room, because this room is usually a place where families gather to enjoy time together.

5.    Applying Wallpaper according to the concept and function of a room

Before you decide to choose a wallpaper that will be installed in the room in your home, of course, there are important things that need to be considered. The first thing is that you need to determine the concept of the room that you plan to create first.

So next if you are going to put wallpaper on the walls in the family room. Of course, you already know and understand, if the family room is one of the places that is the first place for family members to gather. Therefore, the wallpaper motif must bring out a warm family feel.