Microsoft Flight Simulator Game is Taking off Soon

Friday, August 14, 2020 12:45 WIB. Many planes are still grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic, but pilots and aspiring pilots will soon be able to travel virtually thanks to the latest news from Microsoft’s flight simulator game update.

With access to Microsoft’s Bing satellite mapping and cloud-powered processing, French developer Asobo Studio strives to make the flight test experience as comfortable as possible.

Quoted from the France24 page, Friday, the two founders of Asobo have even taken flying lessons over the last four years after the studio was assigned by Microsoft to work on the game – which began in 1982 – with the first update in 2006.

Marcel Bossard told AFP that Flying lessons were important (to introduce) something sensory into the game.

Bossard, who is also the engineer who led the development of the game software, also added what sensation did the pilot feel? What can he hear? How does his head move? How do planes react under the clouds and above the sea? In the previous simulation, it was a bit stiff.

A new title for the game is being considered. The game will be coming to PC initially, with an Xbox version coming later.

The game was a huge milestone for the game development company, founded by 12 gaming friends, in 2002 in an apartment in the southwest of Bordeaux.

Asobo became best known for his video game adaptations, of a number of Pixar films, including “Ratatouille,” “Wall-E,” “Up” and “Toy Story 3.”

Another notable achievement was the launch of the game “A Plague Game: Innocence” in May 2019, which won many game industry awards.

The Microsoft game is intended for pilots, as well as amateurs or even those who are interested in aviation, to provide a training experience in a fleet of aircraft.