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Modern Market Enters the Village, No Problem With the rules

There are regulations that prohibit the establishment of mini markets, Alfamart, and the like which are close to traditional markets. The trade partnership has been banned from using the kilometer radius distance rule.

Listening to regulations like this seems empty, thank God it means that their fate is a grocery store, traditional markets will be able to come back to life. Several discussions of friends’ chirps revealed several problems.

My sub-district has a large market where the wheels of the community’s economy run. However, nearby there is an Indomaret. After the radius rule was implemented, now there are no more Indomaret and Alfamart like that established near the traditional market area. This is a positive thing for the economic development of the local community there.

However, I was intrigued, dumbfounded when Indomaret or Alfamart entered one of the villages. Frankly, I was surprised. How could that be? Is this because there is no traditional market in the village? If there is no traditional market, it is considered that there is no small economic distance radius there. So the conclusion is that you can establish Indomaret and Alfamart? This is an interesting question from my friend.

The regional objective of prohibiting the establishment of modern minimarkets, such as Indomaret and Alfamart, is actually carrying out the functions of the government or a state that adheres to the “welfare state” school. Constitutionally, Indonesia is a welfare state. The originator of this school is Prof. Kranenburg. He stated that the state must actively seek prosperity, act fairly, which can be felt by all people equally and in balance.

From here, we can actually see the substance or basis why the establishment of modern minimarkets, such as Indomaret and Alfamart, near traditional markets is prohibited??? The answer is to seek prosperity, to act fairly, which can be felt by all people equally and in a balanced way.

If in a village, there is an unequal economic competition between modern markets (Indomaret and Alfamart) and traditional markets including grocery stores, etc. So this is very dangerous for the economic development of the village. Especially in the presence of traditional markets and grocery traders, sooner or later they will die. At least dying.

Therefore, regions or villages that are already competing between modern and traditional markets or grocery stores, must at least have a plan to create economic balance and justice for the welfare of their people. It must contain at least three elements:


This is interpreted as the creation of a climate that is able to encourage the development of community potential. The goal is that the people concerned are able to be independent and have a sustainable business perspective. For example, being able to compete in its products.


This implies that the potential of the community is further strengthened. Map out the basic needs of the community. Then compete in it in terms of serving the needs of the market/community.


This is a protective empowerment activity. The weak potential of the community in all respects needs balanced protection so that the competition that is formed runs in a healthy manner (Effendi, 2002).

There’s Nothing Wrong With The Rules

Modern market cases (Indomaret and Alfamart) entered the village on the grounds that there were no traditional markets in the village and finally a modern market was allowed to be established.

So this is a consequence as well as a challenge for all people to be able to compete fairly. Including the convenience stores must be able to compete with the modern market. In this case, the rules are clear, but skills in real trade competition must still be appropriated.

This is the homework of the local or village government to be able to balance the trade economy in their village according to the real purpose of the function of the government or the state to strive for prosperity, act fairly that can be felt by the whole community equally and in balance.

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