How to Optimize Articles for Page One

An article writer must know how to optimize SEO articles. To become an article writer, it turns out that there are many requirements. What are the conditions? Of course it depends on the type of article to be written. Some types of articles do have to use special techniques.

Because I am one of the SEO article writing services, most of my writings are related to SEO articles. Starting from understanding SEO articles, to how to optimize SEO articles, and things related to SEO.

So, how do you optimize the article? In this article, we will discuss how or tips for optimizing this SEO content. But before that, as a basis before writing how this article can be SEO Friendly. Of course, don’t miss posting articles that I have made before.

What is the Most SEO Friendly Article Optimization Trick?

Sometimes people ask: What is SEO? What are SEO Friedly Articles? How to make SEO Articles? As I will discuss, these are tips for writing more SEO friendly articles. Let’s look at some steps:

1.      Potential Keyword Research

Before writing an article, you should first target keywords. What keywords do you want to use. Then how do you research potential keywords? Potential keywords are keywords that people often search for. You can use free help tools.

2.      Include Keyword In Title

The next step is to make the title as attractive as possible, but still use SEO rules. SEO rules for title optimization on articles are very important. The trick is, use a title that attracts readers. But in the title there must be a keyword or keyword.

For example, you want to target the keyword “How to Optimize SEO Articles”, for example the title of the article, “The Most Friendly Way to Optimize SEO Articles”. There is no standard whether the keyword should be at the beginning or middle or end? There are absolutely no standards.

If I personally prefer the Title at the Beginning. But don’t force it either. If it’s forced in the beginning, and it’s not interesting, then it’s ridiculous in my opinion. The important title is the target keyword.

3.      URL optimization

At least for the optimization of article posts on the website, create a short and representative url. For example, on the target keyword “SEO Article Optimization”, create a short URL as short as possible, for example

4.      Include Keyword / Keyword in the Initial Paragraph of the Article

Including keywords at the beginning of this paragraph is one of the best SEO article optimization techniques. Because of what? Now Google sometimes puts a meta description using 100 words at the beginning of our article. Although on the website post we put the meta description manual.

Does it have to be at the beginning of the paragraph? Expert SEO article writers use different techniques. If the year 2019 is behind, the model using the keyword using a dash (-) is still valid. But not on Google’s 2020 algorithm. Just write naturally, don’t have the impression of forcing keywords in paragraphs.

5.       Optimize Keyword Distribution in Articles

Optimizing the spread of keywords in articles in SEO article writing is something that should not be abandoned. This keyword spread is the best article optimization trick. However, the distribution must also be proportional. Google will assess the merits of the spread of keywords in an article proportionally.

What is the maximum and minimum distribution of keywords in SEO articles? If there is such a question, then there are several answers. Before we determine how many keywords should be spread in an SEO article, it depends on the total word count of the article created. The word count in SEO articles is usually more than 500 words.

Thus, if the number of words in the article is 500 words, the keyword distribution is 5-7 keywords. Ideally if I say, per 100 words 1 keyword.

So where are the keywords to be placed in each article? There is no standard rule for this either. But I like to put keywords at the beginning of paragraphs, middle and end of paragraphs. The distribution of keywords try not to be too close.


The tips above are one of the most SEO friendly ways to optimize SEO articles. Thus to reach top level 1 in google search I think it is very easy. However, it must be understood that article optimization will work if your website optimization is SEO Friendly too.