How to Optimize Website for Page One

One of the basic questions is how to optimize a website to be SEO friendly? In this article we will discuss. You need to know beforehand that there are many things that can be done in the competition to get to page one.

In this article, we will focus more on Website Optimization for Page One. Well, one of the conditions is that the website must be SEO Friendly.

1.          Prioritize SEO Friendly Mobile Display

What is the reason a website must be mobile friendly? This is because of the Google Mobile First Index which then requires us to optimize the website by prioritizing the mobile version.

Google Mobile First Index is Google’s way of crawling or indexing which prioritizes the mobile version of a website to determine ranking.

This policy arises because of the many factors of mobile users. With this policy, then optimizing the website by always prioritizing mobile friendly is a must. So how to optimize the mobile version of the website?

·       Using responsive & Mobile Friendly themes

Using a responsive theme is not to be missed. Because this will greatly affect the optimization of the struggle for Google ranking on the first page position. Test your website using Test Mobile Friendly.

·       Make Mobile Design Your Website Priority

You should prioritize the appearance of a mobile website. Because this version uses a lot compared to the desktop.

2.          Technical SEO Optimization

Optimizing SEO techniques is the most important thing in this case. Audit your website using SEO tools that are already widely used by SEO experts. By knowing the basic SEO techniques, you will know how to optimize your website properly.

3.          Optimize Website Speed

Website speed optimization is something you must do. There are so many ways to optimize this website speed that you can do. Various tools are also available for those of you who want to optimize website speed to be faster so that it is SEO Friendly.

Those are some things about ways or tips in optimizing your website so that it is SEO Friendly. If you have done that, then to be able to enter the top level 1 page in google search is very easy. Despite this there are still some steps you have to do. This includes on page optimization and off page optimization.

On page optimization and off page optimization are very influential. Because the unitary form of website optimization, article optimization and backlink optimization.