Tips for Optimizing Article Titles to Enter Page 1 of Google

To make articles so that they can enter the Google page, it is necessary to optimize the title of the article. So how do you optimize the title of the article to enter page 1 of google? There are many ways to optimize the title of the article.

Before you go into a deep discussion about making SEO articles. More important is to determine the topic in advance. In the end, you will find the right keyword shot. After that just determine the title.

One of your goals is to make articles that people want to read. That’s why a title that matches the latest Google algorithm can be your shot. After researching keywords, you determine the title that matches those keywords.

How to Create a Title With Specific Keywords

For example, you will create an article with the keyword Title Optimization. Then you can specify a title that matches the current Google algorithm. You can make an example of a title on the Title Optimization keyword. Tips or How to Optimize Article Titles to be able to enter Page 1 of Google.

Arrange the keywords in the title according to the content of the article. You can take and imitate keyword suggestions on google search. Just type it in a google search, it will appear keyword suggestions that you can modify.

Example: You type the optimization of the title of the article on google. Then the suggestion keyword will appear which is often typed in google. One of them is SEO articles, making on page SEO keywords, examples of on page SEO, on page SEO is, how on-page SEO works, and examples of SEO-friendly writing.

In finding the right keywords, you can use the existing tools. For example:

  • Google Trend
  • Ubbersugest
  • KWfinder
  • Most
  • Semrush
  • Answer The Public
  • Soovle
  • Keyword Sittes

You just type a keyword, then there will appear several keyword variant terms that you can use as a reference in making SEO article titles in particular.

You can use this tool as a measure of the largest keyword search volume. Of course with this, then you must know how to choose keywords with the largest search targets.

Tips for Choosing the Right Keyword Volume

The best way to determine the title is by always paying attention to the search volume of the largest or most keywords. If your blog or website is not old, then use keywords with light or moderate search volume.

Because with general keywords, you will be competing with the big sites. So you will lose to the big and old sites.

So how many keywords should be put in an article? Well, this has something to do with making the title. Do the affirmations that you have made in the title of the article.

Repeat the keywords that have become the target of your title in the article. How many times should it be emphasized or repeated in the article? This depends on the word count of the article you are creating., which is one of the SEO article writing services, recommends only proportional repetition of keywords. Let’s say you create a 300-word article. Then you can repeat the keyword only 3 times. What’s the goal? So that the meaning of the discussion in your article can be relevant.

The more you often mention keywords or titles in your articles. Then this will help Google in finding the point of the relevance of the discussion on each of your blogs. Thus the article will rank up by itself.