How to do research keyword for a Website to be SEO friendly

Keyword research or search/keyword research for websites to be SEO friendly is very important. That’s why someone is building their website to make it better by doing this keyword research correctly. For that, there are many ways we can do it. I will try to fully review the roots of this keyword research. So that you are no longer looking for other references. I will discuss starting from what keyword research is, to how to do it.

What is Keyword Research/Keywords?

This keyword research is one of the processes where someone will determine the right theme or keyword for their website. In other words, with accuracy in finding the right keywords, the website will be able to compete on google search pages, bing, and so on.

When an article writer wants to do a potential keyword search idea, blog, or website traffic. This research will be done to get a lot of visitors. There are 2 types of keywords, namely Short Tail Keywords and Long Tail Keywords:

  1. Short Tail Keywords.

Short Tail Keywords are common phrases that people use when searching on search engines that have only one or two words. These keywords are still general in nature, for example, “keyword research”.

  1. Long Tail Keywords.

Long Tail Keywords are the opposite of short. This term is a specific, low-volume keyword. Usually, this long-tail keyword is identified with a length of 3 to 4 words. Basically not the case, the basic thing is to be more specific. It could be that only 2 words are specific, that’s what the long tail says.

How to Find Free Keywords

Don’t be confused about how you can find the right keywords for your website. Now there are free potential keyword research tools.

  1. Keyword Research Correctly

The most basic thing in SEO Friendly writing is keyword research which aims to target the target market.

In SEO article writing, one of the most basic things is to determine the right keywords. The right keywords are the keywords that many people search for. You can use several existing tools.

How to do keyword research? You can use premium or free tools. For example:

  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Sheet
  • Answer the Public
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Keyworddit
  • io
  • Google Search Console
  • Questiond
  • Bulk Keyword Generator
  • Google

By using this tool we will be helped to determine the appropriate SEO article keywords. You can modify some keywords. You can also use google suggestions.

Type it into google and then there will appear several recommended combinations of variants of keywords that people often search for on the internet.

  1. Optimizing Attractive Meta Titles in accordance with SEO Rules

After determining the keywords, of course, you will make an article about the topic or keyword. Thus make the title in accordance with the rules of SEO.

How to make it? In addition to this interesting SEO Friendly article, you have to pay attention to the SEO rules. The latest google algorithm update in the title must have keywords.

About the placement where there are actually no special rules, but try to place keywords at the beginning of the article title. But don’t force it at the beginning if it doesn’t match the meaning of the article.

Because in making articles, in addition to SEO rules, you also have to pay attention to the attractiveness of the title itself. So that it can bring in visitors or readers. Because SEO is just a technique for Google to like and attractiveness is also one of the unique things that Google will like too.

  1. URL Optimization

URL optimization is very important in SEO rules, the shorter the URL the better. Example: SEO article keywords. With the title “How to Create SEO Articles”. Then you can use the shortest URL possible even just keywords. For example

  1. Keyword Optimization

Optimizing keywords in the creation of SEO articles you should not ignore. How to? Place the keyword in the first sentence of the first paragraph. Avoid using strips that seem imposing.

For example SEO articles – …. if in the past such placements were still valid. But today’s Google algorithm update prefers natural keywords. The meaning is included in the discussion of the article.

For example, such as SEO articles are the most important thing for optimizing your website and so on

The question of placement should be at the beginning of the sentence? I prefer to put it at the beginning of the sentence.

Google will prioritize the first 100 words in the article and keywords at the beginning of the sentence. Even though in the meta description you have written manually, sometimes Google chooses the first 100 words.