4 Reference Materials for Rotary Stairs in Your Home

The use of swivel stairs has become a trend in some Indonesian luxury homes. This is because of the aesthetics and decorative value of this type of ladder.

In addition, one of the advantages, when you use this model of stairs, is that it saves the area of ​​the house that connects to the next floor.

Meanwhile, the weakness of using this type of ladder is that when you want to bring enough things to the next floor, you will be hampered because of the limited area of ​​the stairs.

However, you also don’t need to worry because the shape of this type of ladder can also be adjusted to your taste.

Rotary Stair Base Material

In addition to some of the advantages and disadvantages that can be your consideration when using this type of ladder.

So the basic materials of the stairs themselves should also be considered to adjust the condition of the house to the load that the stairs may pass. Here are some materials for making stairs.


The first is the wood base. It becomes an artistic sight and has its own aesthetic value when you use wood as the basic material for stairs. This is because the wood design and texture give their own vintage style to the condition of your home.

For those of you who like the old and vintage impression, the use of wooden stairs is the right choice to meet your taste. The twist can also strengthen the vintage impression created.


Furthermore, the most common basic material used by Indonesian people when building a ladder is aluminum. In general, aluminum has its own advantages such as a material that is easy to obtain and install according to the model you want.

In addition, maintenance of stairs with aluminum material is also easier to do. You don’t need some special wood sprayer that is often used as a tool to clean dusty wood.

In addition, this type of ladder with the aluminum base material, you can easily find in various places.


Then for those of you who like the artistic impression, but avoid the vintage type, then stairs with iron base materials can be the right answer. This type of ladder has advantages such as being strong and durable to an artistic impression that is easier to create with the various colors you want.

Even stairs with iron materials can match various types of interiors, from minimalist to luxurious.

It depends on your taste too. Plus, stairs made of iron can save your expenses because the price is quite affordable.


Lastly, is the type of ladder with a concrete base? This type of ladder is quite rare to find in homes with modern or minimalist designs because of its quite expensive manufacture and inefficiency in taking up space.

So, stairs with a concrete base are very suitable for use in homes with a fairly wide land area and want to display various luxurious impressions from all sides. For example, from the top of the stairs that can make the house more luxurious and look elegant.

Well, above are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the basic materials for making rotary stairs. Broadly speaking, this ladder is suitable for use in homes that have a large area. It’s just that it can also be used to be a liaison in a minimalist home by narrowing the space to climb the stairs. You can choose the best swivel staircase service for the installation of stairs in your residence.