Vivo Smartphone Price List 1 Million in 2021

Vivo Smartphone Price List 1 Million in 2021

Vivo cellphones at a price of 1 million still have good specifications and are very capable. Especially on some of the good camera qualities, widescreen and large battery capacity so that it can support its performance. Currently, it is enough with only 1 million funds, you can already have a Vivo cellphone with 4GB to … Read more

3 Ways to Check New and Used HP Vivo Damage

Check New and Used HP Vivo

The easiest way to check for damage to a Vivo cellphone is to look at its physical condition, but we will only know the outer condition. If you want to check thoroughly, it would be better if you use the secret code from the Vivo cellphone. The Vivo smartphone itself provides several special codes, one … Read more

Vivo Y33s Brings 50MP Camera with Night Mode

Vivo Y33s

Vivo Y33s – Changes in user activity in using smartphones, allowing them to take photos of every daily activity and upload them online. Not only that, but mobile photography also supports various activities such as work, study, and entertainment needs on social media. Therefore, Vivo Y33s presents the best-in-class 50MP Night Camera resolution camera to … Read more

Vivo X70 Already Armed with ZEISS Optics Technology

Vivo X70

Vivo X70 – The specifications that are so prominent on the Vivo X70 Pro are the ZEISS Optics technology. Quoted from the Vivo page that this technology can reduce irregular light reflections and shadows when taking photos or recording videos. In addition, the camera lens meets the standard Zeiss T* coating certification which is claimed … Read more

4 Latest Premium Smartphones, Highly Recommended

4 Latest Premium Smartphones, Highly Recommended

High-end smartphones are always tempting, the price is indeed expensive but it pays off by the capabilities it has. Then even by design, it’s no secret that premium smartphones are always stunning. Well, one of the newest premium smartphones has just launched in Indonesia, namely the Asus Zenfone 8. This device can’t be doubted in … Read more

Significant Comparison Between Vivo Or Oppo

Vivo Or Oppo

In the fourth quarter of 2020, Vivo led the mobile phone market in Indonesia with a market share of 25%, while right below it was Oppo, which won 24%. Basically, these two mobile phone vendors have the same parent company, namely BBK Electronics. Even though they come from the same home market, these two vendors … Read more