Know The Following Important Tips Before Buying HP Vivo

Vivo is one of the Android smartphones brands that has many types and series of cell phones and is favored by young people and all ages. Those of you who have a thin budget to a high budget, can choose HP Vivo as needed because there are many choices provided from various price segments.

Of course, all Vivo phones in all categories and series have their own specifications and advantages. When you buy an HP Vivo, you must know several factors first. This is so that you can get the best HP that suits your needs.

Before buying a Vivo HP, it’s a good idea to know in advance some tips in choosing this cell phone based on several important points. Read more below.

High Resolution Camera

To choose Vivo, especially for those of you who like photography and videography, then you should look for one that has a camera with a high resolution. The latest Vivo release, has a camera whose quality is not inferior to digital cameras. So that this device can be relied on for those of you who like photography via cell phones.

Vivo with a camera that has good quality can not only be relied on on the rear camera but for the front camera as well. The best camera features from Vivo are wide angle, bokeh to macro lenses.

The Wide angle feature itself can be used to take pictures of landscapes or when you want to take photos in groups. Meanwhile, the front camera also has complete features, namely flash, night mode and beauty effects.

Big RAM For Gaming and Data Storage

Meanwhile, for those of you who like to play games on mobile phones, you must choose Vivo based on its RAM. This Chinese cell phone has many choices of RAM categories that you can adjust to your needs.

In addition, Vivo RAM can also be relied upon for those of you who like to store a lot of data such as photos or videos. Therefore, you should choose Vivo with RAM that has a large capacity because this can affect the performance of the cell phone in addition to using the latest processor.

Super Jumbo Battery

For the selection of HP Vivo, you can also consider choosing a cell phone with a large battery capacity. Especially for those of you who do have high mobility and often use cell phones all day outside the room. With a super jumbo battery capacity, you don’t need to refill it often.

You can look for Vivo with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh and above. This large battery capacity must also be supported by the fast-charging feature. Because a large battery certainly takes a lot of time to fully charge it. With the fast-charging feature, charging large batteries is more efficient.

By Feature

Choosing Vivo of course must be based on the features presented on the cool smartphone. For example, choose Vivo based on the advanced features that must be on the cell phone, namely NFC or smart lock.

NFC itself is a feature that can be used to transfer data from mobile phones wirelessly. You can also use this feature for digital transactions. But not all Vivo cell phones have this NFC feature, therefore if you need this feature then choose Vivo which has NFC in it like for example Vivo V20.

Or choose Vivo with good data security, namely the smart lock feature. This feature is able to make your data more secure and not easily accessed by others. Furthermore, the best features of the Vivo HP are the fingerprint, face lock and pattern features.

By Network

We recommend choosing Vivo also based on the network you have. Currently, 5G networks are available in Indonesia, although their presence is not evenly distributed. For that, it is important that you choose Vivo which already has a 5G network in it. Or at least have a 4G LTE network.

However, cell phones with 5G networks are usually sold at a higher price. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the budget you have, whether you are able to get a cell phone with a 5G network.

Storage Memory

Apart from being based on RAM, it is also necessary to choose Vivo by considering its storage memory. Currently, there are many Vivo categories of internal storage memory that are quite large at an affordable price. For example, Vivo V20, Vivo V20 SE, Y51 with 128 GB of internal memory category. Even this storage category can still be added with a micro-SD slot. Of course, with large RAM and large internal memory, it will greatly affect the performance of the Vivo smartphone itself.

Especially for those of you who have high mobility and multitasking needs, rely heavily on Vivo with its large RAM and internal memory.

Screen Type

Because you certainly want to have a current Vivo cell phone, then you should choose a cell phone with an 18: 9 ratio screens. Because this screen ratio has been widely used for the latest Android cell phones. In addition, resolution support for smartphone screens is also very important.

So as much as possible you choose a smartphone with full HD resolution or if necessary, HD +. Then it is also necessary to consider in terms of the screen panel. For example, choosing a cell phone based on an IPS LCD or OLED screen panel to Super AMOLED.

So now of course you already know what to consider before buying an HP Vivo. For those who are eyeing Vivo but are still confused about what series and type, you can visit marketplaces around the world.