Tips for Checking the Latest Realme 2021 Warranty

Tips for Checking the Latest Realme 2021 – If you want to check the Realme cellphone, let’s look at the tips for checking the latest Realme 2021 warranty. You can check it online or offline. How to? As we all know that the Realme cellphone is one of the HP brands originating from China, which is currently very busy in the Indonesian market.

Yes, besides this cellphone, it has a fairly affordable price. This Realme also offers a smartphone with very tough and reliable specs when you use it for multitasking.

Meanwhile, it’s very large battery capacity is also one of the main attractions for those of you who use it. Meanwhile, HP Reame also offers a lot of very good features and which will certainly make these Realme HP users feel more comfortable when using the cellphone. So, how are these tips for checking the latest Realme warranty? Let’s see the review:

How to Check the Realme HP Warranty

As we all know, Realme has become one of the mainstay smartphones for the community. The reason is that there are many features installed on this smartphone that make this phone more aggressive in running games with high graphics.

Meanwhile, Realme also does not stop pampering its users. Because there will be a warranty period while using the phone. But you can get this if you buy the Realme brand smartphone through the official realme outlets.

Check the realme warranty to repair the damage, as long as the warranty period is still there. So make sure to buy a cellphone at an official outlet by looking at the Boc phone. Then how to check the Realme warranty? the following is the complete information.

1. How to Check Realme Warranty Via IMEI

To check your Realme HP warranty, you can go through the Realme HP IMEI code. Yes, the IMEI code is very influential on the warranty period of a cellphone. Including for the HP Realme that you are currently using.

So we recommend that you do not carelessly provide information about the confidentiality of your cellphone. Because the data can be used for irresponsible things. Then how to check the IMEI of the Realme HP? and you must do this before checking the HP Realme warranty.

To check it, the first step is that you only need to open the browser on your Realme cellphone, then to find out the IMEI number and can visit the website. Next, the IMEI code of your Realme cellphone will appear and then function to check the warranty period.

The next step is to enter the IMEI number in the column provided, then click the magnifying glass icon located on the right side of the column. And on the screen, it will also display information about the IMEI number of the HP Realme that you are using.

2. Check Realme’s Warranty With Dial Phone

The absolute requirement to know the HP Realme warranty period is to know the IMEI number first. Check the Realme HP warranty by opening the dial phone menu. Type the numeric code *#06# until the IMEI number information appears.

Then you just click settings and click about the phone and status. You can specify the IMEI sub-menu option. And the next step is to open a browser application such as Opera Mini, Google Chrome, and others. Then visit the official website to check the HP Realme warranty and enter the IMEI number, then click the Check Now button.

After that, the warranty period will be displayed on the screen after passing the validation stage. And this one method will take about 15 minutes. So it’s pretty easy and straightforward.

3. Check the Realme Guarantee Via Online

To check the next Realme HP warranty is online. To use this method, you also need the IMEI number of the Realme cellphone that you are using. This is because the IMEI number function is very vital, and one of them is as a marker for your smartphone identification.

In addition, the IMEI code can also be used to check the authenticity of the Realme cellphone that you are using. This is also very necessary because Realme will only repair cellphones with official guarantees. In addition, it can also be products sold from Realme or official distributors.

Currently, you can check the Realme warranty online, so you don’t need to check directly with the service center. And to find out the warranty status, all you have to do is open the browser on your Realme cellphone.

And in this case, you can also use a PC or Laptop. Then visit the site to check the status of the official Realme garage. First, you just have to open the browser application available on a smartphone or other device, such as a computer. Then open the official Realme online warranty, on the official website. So there will be a guarantee of accuracy to determine the warranty period.

Next, you just enter the IMEI number of the Realme HP in the column provided. Usually, there will be a 15-digit IMEI number. And make sure you input correctly and if something goes wrong then the warranty checking process can fail.

Meanwhile, immediately enter the validation code that appears on the screen, then select check now to start checking the Realme warranty. And the steps to check the status have been completed. You just have to wait for the warranty status to appear on the screen.

4. Check Realme Warranty Via Offline

Now for those of you who don’t have data, you can also check the Realme HP warranty offline. Yes, to do this you just have to take the time to go to the Realme center outlet. But if you want to go to the Realme Center you have to come directly to the office to take the queue number.

And check the HP Realme warranty to the service center directly, you must bring a copy of a valid proof of purchase. In addition, also bring the original purchase invoice. And we recommend that you backup important data stored on the internal storage of the HP Realme.

Now the function of data backup before the repair is to keep it safer. Otherwise, there will be a third party that abuses it. Because the service center is not responsible for data loss from the owner of the cellphone.


So, those are some ways to check Realme’s warranty easily and quickly. With some of the ways above, of course, you can find out the validity period of the HP Realme warranty that you are currently using.