Tips for Making Articles So that Websites Can Enter Page 1 of Google

In the previous post, I wrote about how to do keyword research for a website to make it SEO Friendly. Keyword research aims to find out how much the search volume on Google. This is very closely related so that these keywords can compete on page one of Google. Keywords are the main factor to make an article enter page 1 of google.

So how do you get articles to enter page 1 of Google?

The question that often arises is how to get articles to enter page 1 of Google? There are some tips from Wayanwriter article writing services:

Watch the Long Tail Keyword Spread

In making quality articles, target keywords are indeed a very important factor. therefore, using potential keywords is a must. However, don’t forget to focus on long-tail keywords, which are more specific in nature. Long talk keywords are more specific and longer. So this will help from the main keyword search results of the article.
Although there is little competition, this is very important for those of you who want quality articles. Of course, the more spread of these long-tail keywords will help articles get on page 1 of google.

. Make Articles Easy to Read

Articles that are easy to read are an important requirement for those of you who want their articles to enter page 1 of Google. Because today’s Google algorithm is not only SEO friendly, but also Human Friendly. Articles that are easy to read are important you have. So that way, many users will recommend your article and it will be easy to rank on google.

Create Articles With Interesting Topics

Creating an interesting topic in the making of this article is a must. It’s not just about placing potential keywords. But also make relevant and structured discussions. Because Google will recommend articles that have a clear structure. For example, starting from the title, keyword insertion is not too forced and always uses headings and so on. This makes the article easy for readers to understand.

  Increase Word Count

How many words are in one article? In this case, there really is no benchmark. However, it is still one of the most important things in making articles enter page 1 of google. Because the number of words that many will certainly add a lot of information as well. So if in an article it has complete information. So that will be prioritized by Google.

. Make the right article structure

The structure of the article must be neatly arranged. The arrangement of articles that are easy to understand will get priority in the eyes of Google. Starting from the title, URL, word order, sentence, and meta description. Then 5 W 1 H you should still pay attention to.


In the end, we will conclude that writing quality articles that can enter page 1 of Google is not an easy job. They have to compete with others. Especially if your website is still inferior to its competitors. So this is a problem in itself right? Indeed, to be able to compete on page 1 of google articles is very important, but it must also be supported by website optimization with good performance as well. You can use our SEO services to optimize your website for the better.