Tips for Making Money from Instagram Marketing

The modern era is one where everything can be used. This includes small businesses. Instagram Marketing has now become the mainstay of business people. Especially for the marketing of selling products.

What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram has long released the Instagram marketing or Instagram For Business feature. With this feature, a business can create a free business profile.

By using a business profile, you as a business owner can choose how you want your customers to connect. Whether this is via telephone, SMS, or email with the contact button and you can also get directions. This business profile also allows and allows you to view Insights as well as the ability to promote them.

Instagram marketing is one of the marketing methods that can be done through Instagram. Instagram for promotional and educational purposes to increase sales of business and business products.

The Instagram medium has different characters, ways of working, and features from other media. So you need to learn about how this platform works.

The first step is to use a business account – a business account – on Instagram. Business accounts provide many features for tracking and analytic tools to analyze followers and monitor your brand’s performance online on this social media.

Also make sure that your IG bio clearly states about you, starting with who you are and other important info, such as your website, address, and contact number (if needed), and that is no less important is Call To Action. How can your product reach more Instagram users? One of them is important to understand how Algo Instagram works.

The Importance of Instagram Algorithm

Algorithms are the ‘brains’ behind Instagram that are essential to your business. There are 3 Algo Instagram keys that you need to understand, namely:

  1. Engagement: The more people interact with IG posts by commenting, liking, sharing, the more your posts will rank better on the IG homepage.
  2. Speed of engagement: the more interactions are good, but the faster the interaction occurs, indicated by the number of shares, likes, or comments, the better.
  3. Recency: recent posts are better in the eyes of the IG algorithm than old posts, which makes new posts easier to see.By knowing this algorithm, you will know the things that must be prioritized and must be done in a marketing strategy through IG.How to increase the engagement of visitors to your IG account, which you can do in several ways when posting, namely:
  • Make a contest or quiz campaign posted with a certain prize on the condition that visitors must comment, share, or like
  • Make interesting questions on Instagram posts when posting, so that visitors are triggered to comment
  • Post at online hours when your account is crowded with visitors. You can get this information from the analytical results on Instagram, available for free for business accounts.
  • Answer the comments that appear on IG. It is very necessary to build a ‘conversation’ with his followers.