Tips for Overcoming the Latest 2021 Striped Smartphone Screen

Andikawayan Review – Smartphone screens are very susceptible to damage. One that often happens is a striped cellphone screen. For those who experience it, of course, they are curious to know the reason why the cellphone screen is striped.

The striped screen will interfere with comfort when using a smartphone. In order to overcome this, we must first find out the cause of why the cellphone screen is striped. It could just be caused by a trivial problem that can be overcome without the need to replace the LCD.

LCD replacement is the last option to deal with striped cellphone screens. The costs involved are certainly not cheap. Especially for flagship smartphones that have high-resolution screens and curved designs (Edge Display) whose costs can reach millions of rupiah.

The cost of replacing the striped LCD depends on the type of cellphone. The cost ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. So before deciding to replace the LCD, please see:

Causes Why Hp Screen Is Striped

1. Software Problem

There are many factors that cause a striped cellphone screen. One reason is due to software problems. If this is the cause of the problem then the way to fix it is very easy. You only need to update the software or update the software through the menu available in the settings.

Please check the software update menu on your smartphone. If there is an update notification then don’t hesitate to update the software. It could be that the update is to overcome a bug that causes the cellphone screen to become streaky.

2. Overheated

The cellphone screen consists of several layers. Each layer has a different function and is very susceptible to damage if the smartphone overheats. This is rarely the case, but it can potentially make the cellphone screen streaky.

We recommend not forcing the smartphone to go overboard when the temperature rises drastically. Better to rest for a while until the temperature is cooler. You can also use additional cooling when playing games so that the smartphone does not overheat.

3. Hardware Problem

To connect the LCD screen to the hardware using a connector. There may be some loose connectors causing the screen to be streaky. To overcome these problems, we recommend coming to a service center or an experienced mobile technician.

Those who are desperate to disassemble themselves must be careful. We do not recommend it because if it is wrong it can make the smartphone more damaged. It’s better to come directly to a cellphone service place that has complete tools and experienced technicians.

4. LCD is exposed to water

Water is the main enemy of smartphones. Smartphones are often damaged due to water ingress. Well, one type of damage that often occurs is the cellphone screen becomes striped. To overcome this, you have to disassemble and replace the LCD.

Smartphones that have waterproof capabilities with an IP67 or IP68 certificate can also experience it. We ourselves have been victims when our Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus experienced LCD damage due to water ingress. Even though the phone is already homeland.

5. Pressed or bumped LCD

Collisions on the screen not only make the LCD break but can also make the LCD become streaky. To avoid this, we recommend installing Tempered Glass. This protective layer will protect the screen when dropped, bumped, or scratched so that it can avoid streaks or other problems on the screen.

6. Shadowed Screen (Burn-In)

If a line appears on the screen that is similar to a certain menu display such as the navigation bar, logo, or others, it is possible that the smartphone is shadowed. To solve this problem, please refer to the previous information about “How to Remove Screen Shadow”.

Shadow problems usually occur on cellphones that use AMOLED screens. This type of screen is indeed more susceptible to shadow problems than IPS or TFT-type screens. The fix is ​​quite easy, but it doesn’t always work, so it requires LCD replacement.


In addition to the problems above, there are still many reasons why the cellphone screen becomes streaky. If you experience this, we recommend preparing more money for repair costs. It could be that the screen can not be repaired so forced to replace the LCD.

If you have to replace the LCD, we recommend buying the original LCD at an authorized service center. Also, check out other articles about How to Check the Realme Warranty and various other articles.