These 3 Tips Important Financial You Should Apply


Tips Important Financial – The world of work is currently divided into two types of worker status, permanent employees who work 9-5 and freelancers who have more flexible working hours. In general, permanent employees have their salaries automatically deducted with insurance premiums, old-age benefits, or retirement benefits. So, they can benefit from their salary cuts in the future.

However, things are different for freelancers. The income of freelancers, which changes every month without any guarantee from the company, makes them have to be more careful in managing their finances. So that finances are maintained and can prepare for the future as early as possible, freelancers can try the following tips:

1. Prioritize Emergency Funds

Freelance income is uncertain. no wonder if sometimes they have to feel the dates where the wallet is not fully filled when job offers are low. When there is a lot of income, it doesn’t mean it’s a place for aji while shopping to your heart’s content. Instead, it’s a moment to set aside money for emergency funds when income is minimal.

If the money you have now is even more than 6 months of income, try to keep saving, even though your monthly income is not too much. This will be very useful in an emergency.

2. Make Short-Term Investments

You can also divert your money into several types of investments so that your money is productive. One of them is a short-term investment so that it can be easily withdrawn. It’s better to use ‘idle funds’ to invest, yes. This means that you don’t really need the funds for any needs, considering that there is always a risk when the funds are used as investments.

In this day and age, financial market products such as mutual funds do not require large funds to get started, you know. You also don’t have to worry about what to do with your money, because everything has been managed by an investment manager. You just have to wait for the results every period.

3. Prepare Finances for the Future

In order to be able to welcome the future calmly, of course, one must be prepared from now on.