9 Tips Money Making for Beginners Using Cell Phones

Only with a cellphone can make money for beginners? You may be skeptical when you hear about it. However, don’t look at it first. Currently, there are many ways that can be done only by using an HP cellular phone. Of course, with the addition of an internet connection to launch your action.

Well, in this article, we will tell you ways to make money from cellphones for beginners that you can try. If you can apply the right strategy, you can reap the benefits of mobile phones.

How to Make Money from HP

Check out the following stats in 2020 (source: WeAreSocial):

  • There were 175 million internet users in Indonesia in January 2020, with internet penetration reaching 64% of the population
  • Internet users increased sharply by 25 million (up +17%) from 2019 to 2020

The good thing is that making money from this huge online marketplace is quite easy and doesn’t require a big capital.

You just have a cellphone, you can start making money. Very doable by beginners. Here are some ways to make money from HP that you can try.

1. Social Media Admin

In today’s digital era, almost all businesses implement digital marketing strategies. Including one of them, running social media marketing. This causes vacancies for business social media management to be urgently needed.

The condition is that you need to have several skills, such as copywriting, creating content for captions, and researching content according to business needs.

Well, for the task you do is:

  • Creating content for posts
  • Creating strategic content
  • Reply to audience comments
  • List building (collecting data)
  • increase followers
  • increase engagement

Don’t worry, you can learn all that. So, if you are interested in doing this method, you can learn it from now on. With a cellphone, you can already get a promising income.

Make no mistake, some big companies dare to pay you a hefty salary. So, continue to hone your skills in social media marketing.

You can learn it through online courses available on various platforms, such as HubSpot Academy, Udemy Course, Masterclass, and many more.

2. Become an Influencer

Becoming an Influencer today may be the dream of some people.

The reason is, the income of being an influencer today can be so fantastic. For famous influencers like Awkarin, for example.

In one product posting on his Instagram stories, Awkarin made a profit of around 3-5 million. Imagine how many products he endorses every day.

The capital is of course with social media and your cellphone. However, to be successful as an influencer requires a long process.

You also need to build a good personal brand.

Post interesting photos and content to attract more followers. You also need to be active on social media. That way, you can get a lot of followers.

In addition, you can also start to idly review the products you use. By frequently reviewing products, it is likely that some business owners who see your posts will be interested in endorsing you.

3. Playing HP Games

Who likes to play games? If you are one of those who like to play games, this is the time for your hobby to make money.

You only need to play games on your Android phone to a certain level. After that, you can try to sell the account to someone else. Games that you can play, for example, Mobile Legend.

In fact, some have auctioned the game account for 12 million. The specifications are usually a minimum level of 30 II iOS servers, 12 thousand diamonds, and more than 40 skins.

Well, in addition to selling the game account you play, you can also become a jockey or play for other people’s accounts. His job is to raise the level and skill of the account.

Well, so if you really like playing games, try applying this method to earn money from your Android phone.

4. Reading News Articles

You can earn money by reading news or articles.

The capital you need is a cellphone and an internet connection to download certain applications.

Applications that you can download, for example, Baca Plus, Kubik News, and the like. You just need to read articles and run some missions. like logging in and reading the news every day.

The reward you will receive can be in the form of points that you can exchange for money or credit. The results obtained from this method are not so great.

However, if done every day, the results are very sufficient for additional income. The more articles you read, the more profit you will get.

5. Download the HP Application

Many applications on Android phones are quite profitable for you. One of them, the whaff application.

You download and complete the available missions. Some of the missions carried out include downloading applications, reading articles, playing games, and sharing referral code links.

If you successfully complete the mission, you can get rewards. The rewards you get are in the form of points and you can exchange them for gifts or some money.

Apart from the whaff app, there are some apps that can also make money. However, check and research first, because it could be that the application is a scam.

6. Online Business

You can register at one of the e-commerce sites to sell online. Don’t have the capital to buy the product? You can use the dropship system.

In addition to marketing products in e-commerce. You can also market through Instagram shopping or Facebook e-commerce. You don’t need a lot of capital, you only need your mobile device and social media marketing skills.

For products that are in demand in the market, for example, clothing, food, and beauty products. For more details, you can do a little research online. Can be through Google Trends, Instagram, and others.

7. Deposit Service

If you are traveling to a certain area, you can open a deposit service for the purchase of certain goods to friends or colleagues. For example, when you go to Bali, you can open service for sending products in Bali such as Balinese scrubs, Balinese clothes, and so on.

You can also use a percentage system to get a bigger profit.

Well, for products from abroad, you need to pay attention to customs policies. Because customs usually impose taxes on products from abroad. You can check it through the customs website.

To promote, you can promote it through social media.

8. Resellers

There are many online products that provide reseller programs. For example, light snack products, frozen food, fashion products, and so on.

Choose a product that has the best quality and price. So you can resell with a hefty profit.

Joining a reseller will be easier because some products already have a good image and reputation. So you don’t have to bother building branding from scratch.

You just need to remarket reseller products and get the benefits.

9. Dropshipper

If you don’t have much capital to buy your own products, you can become a dropshipper first.

The principle of dropshipping is that you sell products from other parties (suppliers) without having to buy them first. You can even sell in the name of your own business. Later, the delivery of goods will be sent by the (supplier) directly to the buyer.


Those are some ways you can do to make money with your cellphone. There are many, right? Choose the one that best suits your abilities and skills. Take advantage of several platforms and social media that support your skills.