Review Toyota New Avanza

This MPV car may not be the best car, not the most sophisticated, not the most comfortable. Maybe not too cool, but this car is the most awaited car, you could say the car of a million people.

This is the New Avanza 2019. The first generation of this Avanza started from 2003 to 2012. This means that the design model of this generation, both the base and the engine, lasted for 9 years. After that, it was replaced by the second generation.

Although the base and engine are still the same, starting from 2012 until now. Maybe it will change the base and specifications of the all-new engine in 2021.

This MPV car is a car that is very in demand and is widely ordered by customers in the market. Although a lot of the onslaught came from both Honda with the Mobilio from Mitsubishi with the expander.

Mobilio and expanders also offer better accommodation. Better power, better comfort, better exterior, and interior. But still, this car is the most number one sales in Indonesia in its class.

That is the reason why you have to speed up the age to replace this generation if you all still like it.

Specifications of Toyota New Avanza

Avanza has responsible specifications, both in terms of engine, design, interior, and exterior. Let’s look at the specifications of the Toyota New Avanza car:


In accordance with the latest generation design, this Avanza MPV car is supported by a 1329 cc engine with 91 hp power. Already using dual VVT-I technology with two choices of 1.5-liter four-cylinder mechanical heart. Which is capable of producing 104 PS and 136 Nm of torque.

In addition, the same configured 1.3-liter engine puts out 96.5 PS and 120 Nm. This car uses good and comfortable power steering with a capacity of 7 seats equipped with airbags for the driver.


In terms of features, the New Avanza is equipped with an ABS (Anti Locking Brake System) system. Which can be used to maximize maneuverability while avoiding unwanted incidents.

This car is also equipped with a three-point seat belt with pre-tensioners and force limited applied throughout the row.

The dual SRS airbags in front for the braking system use drums for the rear and disc brakes for the front.


For the exterior design, it may be almost the same, only the field view is different, some say it is similar to the Vellfire luxury car, namely, the lighting device uses LED lights, so the light produced is more optimal. Then the dominant grille with the foglamp housing is vertical, the lights are added to the details to form the letter L and are connected to a kind of chromium decoration.


For the interior, there is a slight change in the cabin cooling setting, not using a knob model but with a digital screen button. Already equipped with a USB connector, there are power jacks in the first and second rows, USB plugs in the rear position. The cabin is wrapped in Bahn cloth patterned in a combination of dark and beige colors.

Those are some things about the Toyota New Avanza Review, ranging from specifications to prices for 2020. This car is often used by most rental or car rental entrepreneurs.