Significant Comparison Between Vivo Or Oppo

In the fourth quarter of 2020, Vivo led the mobile phone market in Indonesia with a market share of 25%, while right below it was Oppo, which won 24%. Basically, these two mobile phone vendors have the same parent company, namely BBK Electronics. Even though they come from the same home market, these two vendors are both very competitive. So it’s natural that these two vendors take turns leading the mobile phone market share in Indonesia. Of these two vendors, who is superior? Let’s see the explanation of Vivo vs Oppo below:

Who Has Varied Product Specifications?

Oppo has entered the Indonesian market since 2013, while Oppo has entered Indonesia since 2014. This difference in years of entry makes Oppo have more diverse products. However, in terms of specifications, basically, these two vendors have similar specifications. In terms of various variants of RAM and storage, these two vendors both have various variants. The RAM variants offered by these two vendors are 1GB to 12GB with an internal storage variant of up to 512GB.
In terms of the chipset embedded in the cellphone, both vendors use a variety of processors with the class of cellphones on offer. The class of mobile phones is starting from the beginner, intermediate, and flagship classes. The price comparison of the two vendors’ products is also not too far away. Products with similar specifications are offered at the same price range. The price range of these two vendors also varies, from 1 million to tens of millions.
Vivo vs Oppo in terms of batteries also have similarities, namely both have many variations, and both carry the flash charge feature, on certain types of cellphones. Well, seeing the products of Vivo and Oppo vendors which are almost the same as mentioned above, you can choose according to your taste and pocket.

Whose Product is More Quality?

Talking about quality, surely each person has different quality criteria. Quality assessments can come from battery life, the processor used, camera excellence, and the strength of the phone when dropped or exposed to water. With the similar specifications offered by the two mobile phone vendors, of course, you just have to adjust it to your needs and financial conditions. In general, Vivo vs Oppo has a similar design, the real choice is yours. You just need to choose a product that has better specifications at a friendly price.
Strengths and weaknesses
Each vendor, both Vivo, and Oppo, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the disadvantages of Vivo and Oppo:
1. Vivo Disadvantages
Many Vivo products use body covers with plastic materials so that when they are held they are less sturdy and less solid. Vivo focuses on FuntouchOS similar to Apple’s iOS, so it seems less innovative.
2. Oppo Disadvantages
The price offered is considered expensive when viewed from the specifications offered. The quality of the cover body is considered to have less value. Some of the Oppo interface series, ColorOS UI make the phone seem heavy.
While the advantages of Vivo vs Oppo are:
1. Advantages of Vivo
It has an attractive cover design, has a flash charge feature, the front, and rear cameras tend to be equally good. The more here, the Vivo price is more in line with the specifications.
2. Oppo advantages
Adapt to the market, have a good marketing strategy, have a better selfie camera feature. Equipped with the VOOC Flash Charge feature on high-end and mid-range phones. Thus the description of Vivo vs Oppo, hope it helps.