Vivo Y33s Brings 50MP Camera with Night Mode

Vivo Y33sChanges in user activity in using smartphones, allowing them to take photos of every daily activity and upload them online. Not only that, but mobile photography also supports various activities such as work, study, and entertainment needs on social media. Therefore, Vivo Y33s presents the best-in-class 50MP Night Camera resolution camera to support all the daily needs and entertainment of consumers on one hand.

It was said by the Senior Brand Director of Vivo Indonesia, Edy Kusuma, that the Vivo Y33s, armed with capable camera technology, was able to become a friend to support daily life, able to accompany its users. So, they can capture every activity every day or help with work and study activities.

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Vivo Y33s as the latest variant of the Y-Series comes with the latest and best-in-class resolution and camera features to support daily productivity and entertainment, such as:

50MP Night Camera

Vivo Y33s has a rear camera with a resolution of 50MP Night Camera which is capable of producing high-definition photography. It has a 50MP Night Camera configuration to support users in getting clear photos and videos in all conditions, a 2MP Super Bokeh Camera for natural and artistic bokeh effects, and a 2MP Super Macro Camera to capture mini objects with a focus as close as 4cm.

Ultra-Stable Videos

Often fun activities are missed to be captured because of the recording of images that are not stable or the results are not clear. The rear camera on the Vivo Y33s is embedded with the Ultra Stable Video feature with EIS technology support which will automatically produce stable and clear videos to be maximized by users in capturing their daily activities.

In addition, the Vivo Y33s rear camera is also equipped with Super Night Mode to capture photos and videos at night or in low light conditions to remain clear and sharp, as well as the Eye Autofocus feature that can lock objects to keep the focus on photo and video processes at a distance or at a distance. close.

Super Night Selfie

One of the growing trends among users is capturing moments by taking selfies anytime and anywhere. Armed with a 16MP Super Night Selfie front camera, Vivo Y33s supports users to be more confident with stunning and clearer selfie results at night or in low light conditions.

Feature Support and Editing Apps

The Vivo Y33s camera also comes with several supporting features, such as Stylish Night Filter, Multi-Style Portraits, Pose Master, and AI Instant Photo & Vlogging Editing. All of these Vivo Y33s presents to make it easier for consumers to make their daily activities more enjoyable.

In addition to the best camera resolution in its class of 50MP Night Camera, Vivo Y33s also comes with excellent specifications for multitasking activities and consumer entertainment in one hand, such as 8GB + 4GB Extended RAM, Trendy Slim Design, 5000mAh + 18W FastCharge battery and 1080p Colorful Screen.