Wallpaper vs Wall Paint, Which is More Recommended?

In today’s time, there are many options for decorating a private house. Even from the building materials, we have been offered several alternative materials with different brands and their respective advantages. This is certainly a convenience for us in realizing the dream home.

Home decorating work is a fun thing for the owner. This can be an opportunity to realize what is on his mind, how the dream house he wants to build, and what should be in the house. One part of the home decorating job is choosing the theme color of the house and deciding whether to use conventional wall paint or just wallpaper.

Before deciding, it’s a good idea to consider the pros and cons of using the two alternatives. This will be covered in the following review and covers some of the important points of view that you should be aware of.

How much do you have for wall decoration?

This is the most important question. Wallpaper does have the advantage of various motifs so that it can beautify the house and every room without the need for many other decoration items. However, wallpaper is known to be (much) more expensive than wall paint. This of course has implications for the wider area to be pasted with wallpaper, of course, the cost will be more expensive.

If the budget is not too big but you still want to use wallpaper, you can choose certain rooms or corners that you feel are suitable to use wallpaper, and the rest use wall paint. This will make the wall decoration budget more affordable than using wallpaper entirely.

Time of installation or painting.

There are people who are willing to wait a long time in building a dream house so that when they live it is really ready and clean, but some people want to immediately occupy the house for certain reasons and conditions. Wall paint or wall paint is cheap but it takes time to paint and dry. This is because there are many layers that must be used before finally using wall paint with the desired color on the walls of the house. Meanwhile, wall wallpapers are known to be installed faster and are ready to be used once they are posted. If this can be a consideration which one more meets your needs when building a house.

Weather resistance.

Even though it is cheap, wall paint has the disadvantage that it cannot last too long, especially if the house is in an area with extreme weather conditions. In terms of aesthetics, faded and dull wall paint colors will of course make the house not beautiful to look at. So to keep it slick, homeowners will usually repaint every 3 to 5 years. This is a distinct advantage of installing wallpaper because wallpaper is known to have superior resistance to ordinary wall paint. This wallpaper can last a minimum of 3 years but is usually optimally used within a period of 8 to 10 years.

Need wall decoration or not?

Another thing to think about is whether you need lively wall decor or not. Bustling wall decor has the advantage of not requiring you to fill the room with certain decorations. This can be helped by using wallpaper. On the other hand, if you prefer to focus on decorating your home by filling the room with certain furniture and decorations, choose plain wall paint so the room won’t seem too crowded.

These are tips and information that we can provide regarding considerations in decorating walls. Whether wallpaper or wall paint, all are equally good. Adjust to the needs and also the existing budget. No need to force yourself to use wallpaper or use wall paint strictly for all the walls of the house. The combination of the two can be an alternative in realizing a comfortable dream residence.