Tips for Writing Captions on Instagram

Caption #NKCTHI, Very Catchy! In every photo or video that you post on IG, you can write a comment or what is known as a ‘caption’.

Captions are important. After the image or video, visitors will see a caption to read, reflect, and then be triggered to comment or like, or share your post.

But what’s even more important is that captions help you place a CTA – Call To Action – that drives conversion, such as a purchase or signup.

Because of that importance, you have to think carefully, how to write interesting captions.

Examples of Interesting Captions #NKCTHI

Some tips for making captions are:

  • Write a caption according to the content of the image or video. Relevance is important because the caption function supports the content.
  • Use the right hashtag # in proportion and don’t forget to use your brand’s hashtag.
  • Write a ‘Question’ or discount to encourage engagement with followers.
  • Testimonials or quotes are a way of conveying a touching message, but make sure they are relevant to the content.
  • Write a Call To Action to drive conversions with your business, if possible provoke a ‘sense of urgency or ‘sense of action’.
  • The initial sentence in the caption is very important because the sentence is immediately read by visitors, so try to write the main message here, while the sentence behind it must be read by clicking ‘more’.
  • Make use of capital letters, bold, sentences with questions or emojis to help you emphasize sentences in captions.
  • Cut long sentences into several paragraphs so as not to tire the eyes of reading long sentences.

How to Create Hashtags

Why are hashtags important on Instagram?

When searching for information on IG, users will use certain hashtags to find the content they want. Hashtags can be likened to ‘keywords’ in searches on search engines.

When using hashtags, IG account posts will appear in three places, namely: (1) Instagram feed posts; (2) Instagram stories, and (3) IGTV.

IG displays search results with hashtags in two windows, namely: popular posts (Top) and recent posts (Recent). What appears first is the popular post, then the latest post.

Although you can put up to 30 hashtags for 1 post, my advice is to use a maximum of 15 to 20 hashtags to make it more effective.

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How about tips on using hashtags?

  1. Hashtag relevant to the content of the content. Don’t make hashtags unrelated to photos or videos on IG
  2. Research popular IG hashtags for your content. There are tools you can use to find popular hashtags.
  3. Do not use excessive hashtags even though IG provides up to 30 hashtags. Because if it’s excessive, posts are filled with hashtags, it interferes with the user’s experience.
  4. Use your product’s brand hashtag. Don’t forget to consistently promote your brand via hashtags.

The key to choosing the right hashtags is understanding your target segment. What are they looking for, what are the keywords they use in searching for something?

Surely, with a good understanding, you can use the most relevant hashtags.