6 Tips for Writing Good Articles

Every experience that is not judged, either by itself or by others, will remain as a piece of paper from a meaningless book of life. Yet every experience is nothing but the foundation of life. So learn to judge your own experience. (The Silence of a Mute, vol. 2, 273)

Writing is part of my hobby, even though it seems silly. That’s the move that I often make writing without writing ideas, because a lot of people say. Why write can write it’s just nonsense. On the other hand, I made it a special challenge for me to always write. Just save money, writing doesn’t have to be smart to write first, but the will (spirit).

I myself focus on writing on a blog, writing on a blog is my priority and most important. Because maybe I think today is more effective to share information. Especially if we are active on social media such as FB, twitter and other social media. We share our writings on social media.

Well, sharing a little blogging experience, the average blogger who has been blogging for quite a long time. And understand about what is with a blog, of course, you can create a lot of blogs. Different again with beginner bloggers and blogging knowledge is still very shallow. Surely he only focuses on one blog for several themes (blog gado gado).

Among the many blogs that we own and manage, there are approved blogs that we consider superior. From the most featured blog, it can be maximized to bring in various kinds of sustenance.

I myself agree, having a blog does not have to make money in the form of materials such as money, cars, luxury gadgets. Unlike that, there is no need to make money from google adsense and other money-making programs. As long as the blog master is diligent in writing, posting more than 20 days is like a blogger from Nigeria, lindaikeji.blogspot.com, only with a free blog as long as he is diligent in posting, he will use the sustenance that God has bought for his people.

And automatically borrowing is diligent and doesn’t forget to take care of the blog ratings that we agree on will increase, we won’t know at any time. but the blogger must support and give tawakkal to the giver of sustenance and leave it to Him.

And from our craft of writing on blogs, it could be that our blog posts are written by publishers who want to publish them. For example, when we write a compilation of blog posts, we discuss a lot of original short stories written by ourselves, which can belong to certain parties

It’s amazing how excited, it’s hard to be happy isn’t it?

If our blog has a clear profile, address, social media owned, email to an active cellphone number, it’s all displayed on our blog page, for example: about me and contacts. The more articles on our blog make visitors want to come back to us, is there anything new in our blog material. If there is nothing new, it may not come back again.

Therefore, keep writing regularly and consistently. do all that with pleasure not for fun. let your blog post articles run naturally. Let the expected results, unexpected.

Success achieved like this will bring great happiness. let time will answer. But don’t waste time. Success doesn’t come from wasting time, it’s in writing and blogging.

There are many ways to invite you to always write under any circumstances. I think about the importance and benefits of writing is not something we should debate anymore. Because all will surely agree and justify whatever the importance of it, especially for students. They must always enrich and cultivate intellectuality and professionalism in themselves.

Writer Haderi invites us all to always write. Whatever it is, it must be written down. Write down what you feel, hear, see and experience. Strictly speaking. There are many things in this world that must be written down without waiting for inspiration from heaven.

I think it was in the journalist training/school with the theme “Interviewing and Reporting Techniques” last night. Is the right moment to actualize or set something we want. Good writing in news or essay models.

Writing Tips

Write, by writing you are known to the world. The phrase is actually too much. Given the benefits of writing is no longer a ship. However, the question is how and where did it start? these are tips and mantras to be able to write, even though the tips written are of low quality, at least they can provide benefits.

1. Get started

You have to practice / move your hand to lift the pen and write whatever comes to your mind, because writing is an integration of mind and hand.

2. Make Original Writing

Naturalize your writing, prioritize it. Because that is your first thought (original), that is, write it down and don’t correct it before it’s finished. Leave the writing for a few moments, then open it and come back to revise the writings that you think are not quite right. And continue to be done repeatedly, namely writing and correction.

3. Listen to Criticisms & Suggestions From Others

Listen to criticism and suggestions from others, because criticism of your writing indicates that many people are willing to read and care about these writings. So you will be more active again to improve the quality of the writing.

4. Bring Inspiration and Imagination

Imagination is always present in the midst of your ideas or ideas at that time. “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, (Albert Einstein). That is richer in knowledge, meaning in addition to the necessary knowledge/intellectual, namely the necessary and intellectual balance. It is the wealth of imagination that will lead you to dissolve in the dance of the pens.

5. Find an Idea and then Do it

Work on and write down your initial ideas on the spot. So that you don’t forget, and it can train your productivity in writing.

6. Observe and Read a lot

Observe and read anything, books or relativity that is around to increase your knowledge and inspiration in writing.

Well, this is just a Writing tip from me. Although these tips are only views and opinions made from the author’s daily experience. Perhaps it can bring benefits to the author himself and the reader.