Analysis of the Benefits of Freshwater Lobster Cultivation

We will analyze the cultivation of this freshwater crayfish. starting from the manufacture of pond media, the investment costs incurred, the production costs of lobster cultivation, to the estimated selling price of the harvest. Everything will be calculated how much you profit in this business.

If we start from a business starting from the selection of broodstock, then this is a long-term business. Because you are no longer buying every moment of broodstock anymore. It is enough to empower your 5 to 6 month old lobster broodstock.

The analysis of lobster cultivation business for 1 set of lobster brooders (4 males 6 females) for small capital lobster cultivation:

1.     Making of Tarpaulin Pool Media

The tarpaulin pond is one of the alternative media or ponds that you can use for freshwater lopster cultivation. However, a pool made of tarpaulin can be durable or not. This depends on the maintenance.

We will provide an estimated financing analysis if you use tarpaulin media as your pool. How much does it cost to make tarpaulin pond media? Let’s count:

The 3 orchid tarpaulin ponds consist of a spawning pond, incubating pond and hatchery pond. Spending around Rp. 1,680,000.
To buy the buffer pipe, the range is Rp. 500,000. with a total estimated initial cost of only Rp. 2,180,000 only.

2.     Lobster Cultivation Production Costs

For production costs by purchasing 1 set of lobster brooders, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, for example, just buying brooders (4 males 6 females) only costs @Rp. 350,000 = Rp. 350,000.
For the purchase of feed for 9 months @10kg / month = 90 kg x 15,000/kg = 1.350.000 Total cost of feed + seeds = Rp. 1,700,000.

3.     Estimated Selling Price of Harvest

Estimated analysis of freshwater crayfish cultivation for crop yields with a mortality percentage of around 10%. It is calculated that 1 female produces 300 eggs = 6 females x 300 = 1800 eggs. Seedlings – 180 birds = 1620 birds. Ready to harvest and the assumption is that 1 kg = 10 lobsters and the price of 1 kg = 110,000. Then the count = 1620 heads: 10 = 162 kg x Rp. 110,000 = Rp.17,820,000.

4.    Profit Calculation

Lobster cultivation = 17,820,000 – 3,880,000 = Rp. 13.92 million. For the record, lobster is generally harvested when it is 7 months to 8 months old.

The results of the analysis of freshwater crayfish cultivation above are the result of 1 pond containing 1 set of brooders. In general, 1 pond can be filled with 50 to 80 brooders, equivalent to 5 to 8 sets of brooders.