Tips for Growing Freshwater Lobster Well and Correctly

Previously, we discussed in a previous article about freshwater crayfish cultivation. This lobster is one type of commodity that is easy to cultivate.

Freshwater Lobster Breeding Tips

Of course, successful cultivation is done by doing how to grow these freshwater crayfish correctly. Here, let’s look at some tips:

1.      Spreading Seeds

You can get freshwater crayfish seeds from hatcheries, meaning you can buy them yourself. Or sow your own. If you buy, make sure the hatchery you choose is of high quality. The process of transporting seeds must also follow transportation standards in order to minimize seed mortality. Seeds that have just arrived and will be stocked into the pond must be acclimatized so that the seeds are not shocked and lead to death.

2.      Feeding

Freshwater lobster is an omnivorous animal that eats everything, such as plankton, benthos, worms, periphyton, or moss. However, in the process of cultivating lobster, the feed that can be given is factory-made pellets.

You can combine it with chopped carrots, orange yams, sprouts, or hairworms. To maintain their health, when they are still larvae, they should be given feed in the form of Moina sp., Daphnia sp., and Artemia sp. As adults, to make it more practical, lobsters can be fed with factory-made pellets containing 35-42 percent protein.

Feeding should be done gradually little by little. Lobsters digest feed for 2-3 hours. After that, the lobster will feel hungry again.

3.      Maintenance

The process of changing water is an absolute thing that must be done regularly. This is because lobsters are very sensitive to poor water quality conditions. The quality of clean pond water can stimulate lobsters to molt.

To maintain the temperature in the pond, you should provide heating in the cultivation pond, especially for small lobster seeds. During the freshwater crayfish rearing process, use medium water that flows slowly and is aerated so that the oxygen supply in the water is more stable.

This condition is very favored by lobsters so that lobsters will spawn more often. If the source of water used comes from a river, filter the water using a biofilter.

Well, above are tips for growing freshwater crayfish properly and properly. So for beginners, this is a good step to start this freshwater crayfish cultivation business.