3 Tips for Selling on Instagram With Big Turnover

Now selling on social media is really familiar to us. One of the best-selling platforms is on IG or Instagram. Lots of Instagram users and selling there. But not many know how to sell on Instagram so that it is maximized with a large turnover.

In 2021, Instagram has a lot of data that has been released from Instagram itself. One of them is that almost 75% of the ads on IG take action to visit the website or carry out the process of closing purchases to advertisers. Therefore, there are a lot of great opportunities if we want to optimize well.

Sales Optimization on Instagram

Let’s see how to increase sales on Instagram according to the latest Instagram algorithm:

1.       Optimize your Instagram Business Profile.

If you want maximum results in selling on Instagram. One way is to optimize or optimize your profile on business Instagram. This means you have to put in even more effort to create an Instagram feed. Not only that, there are several things that you must complete:

Complete the Profile Photo.

Completing a profile photo with your selling brand is obligatory. For example, such as logos, or photos that make your company or store easily known to many people.

Making BIO as good as possible.

Making a good BIO I mean according to the algorithm that is currently developing. The BIO on Instagram is very important for you to fill in according to your targeted keywords or sales targets. Give an explanation in the BIO about what your business is. So it will be easier for the audience to get to know you through the BIO.

. Create a link to your shop.

Maximize planting a link on Instagram to your main website. This is a great method to use to let you know your visitor traffic from Instagram.

2.      Using Instagram Ads

As Instagram’s algorithm changes frequently and competition increases on the platform, it’s important to use what’s proven to work. Once you’ve set up your business profile on Instagram, you can decide how much of your ad budget you’d like to spend, where you’d like your ads to be seen, and how long you’d like them to run.

Instagram provides a variety of targeting options, so you can choose the demographic that best fits your business needs. Running an Instagram Ads campaign yourself isn’t difficult, but its appearance can be intimidating for many small business owners and influencers who have never done it before. Fortunately, this is not as difficult as you think.

The easiest way to run ads is to promote posts you’ve posted on Instagram. Just select the post you want to boost and hit the “promote” button. This way, Instagram will automatically attract an audience similar to your current followers. however, you can also easily select your own target audience in the app by selecting interests, age range, and gender.

Once you have your audience and budget set up, make sure to crosscheck your ad one more time before hitting “Confirm”. You can start with a small budget and run your ad for a few days to test everything.

To track how your ad is performing, click “View Results” in the lower-left corner of your ad. Remember, Instagram Ads can take practice, so make sure you keep tweaking your posts and increased audience until you get the results you want. The best Instagram ads to drive e-commerce sales should have a message that clearly explains how to make a purchase.

3.      Create Instagram Stories With Product Links

One of the best ways to sell on Instagram is to use or create Instagram stories with links to your selling products. This feature is the best in finding customers on IG.

Instagram Stories also provide the perfect opportunity for businesses to engage with their audience directly. Lots of brands use Instagram Stories to record all of their products.

When you add a link to Instagram Stories, you’ll see a small arrow and the text “See More” appear at the bottom of your image. Since this small text often goes unnoticed, you can add text that directs the user to “Swipe Up” (or something similar) for added visibility.

Instagram’s algorithm now takes into account all the interactions you receive on your IG stories, such as replies and shares. The more users interact with your IG story, the more likely your posts will appear in their feed. A good trick to get around the algorithm is to take advantage of engagement on Instagram Stories, like men