Online Loans Solution Or Problem?

Many people today use online loans. In addition to the easy process, it is also more effective and time-efficient to be able to get a loan. One of the conveniences of this online loan is that it is immediately liquidated. This is then considered as one of the progress of the times that everything can be done quickly. For some people, this online-based loan is a solution. But many also think this is a problem for him. One of them is BFI. The name of a well-known company that is also one of the platforms for online loans. These service products are loans with BPKB guarantees for motorbikes, cars, and house certificates.

BPKB Motor Guarantee Loan

For those of you who are in need of a fast loan with a motorcycle BPKB guarantee, just come to the nearest BFI Finance branch office. The loan with BPKB motor guarantee has a flat interest rate of 0.9% per month with an annual interest rate of 27%. The minimum loan application is IDR 1 million, provided that the BPKB status is in the name of oneself or a spouse.

Car BPKB Guarantee Loan

Fast loan funds with car BPKB guarantees have a flat interest rate of 0.95% per month and an annual interest rate of 11.5%. The minimum loan application amount is Rp. 10 million with a tenor of 12-48 months. The BPKB status of the vehicle is privately owned or by a spouse.

Home Certificate Guarantee Loan

Fast loan funds with housing certificates have a flat interest rate of 1.03% per month with an interest rate of 13%. The minimum amount of funds that can be submitted is Rp. 50 million with a tenor of 16 to 60 months. For the status of the certificate the house is privately owned or a couple.

The domicile requirement for loan funds guaranteed by BPKB for motorbikes and cars is domiciled throughout Indonesia except for Aceh and Madura.

This is what then becomes one of the references for people who have some of the requirements above and can borrow online. But again online loans are part of the solution or is it a problem in our society? Some of the references that I have read in an article have some advantages and disadvantages.

One of the advantages of this online loan is that the process is very easy. Then the disbursement of funds in a matter of days and even hours and the requirements are not so complicated. Well, this is what makes is one thing that our society says it’s better to borrow here than at a complicated bank.

However, there are also some drawbacks: The daily interest system, high-interest rates, personal data can be misused, and billers visit if you don’t make payments according to the agreement.

Basically, this online loan system was created to facilitate the financial needs of the community. But the public must also be careful of the guise of online loans that turn out to be illegal. To anticipate this, the public can follow the advice of the Financial Services Authority (OJK), to only use legal online loans. Check the legality of online loans first at OJK before deciding to use this loan.

If an online loan is a solution for you, please also be careful in choosing an online loan that is in accordance with the OJK recommendations and avoid online loans that are not registered with the OJK.